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Winner Follow-Up With John Childress

John Childress from Lancaster, CA got the surprise of a lifetime – one that many only dream about! A surprise visit and knock on the door from the famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! That’s right! John could barely believe his eyes when he opened the door and saw Dave Sayer holding up a “Big Check” made out to John himself. You see, John was the lucky winner of $100,000! I’m sure you can picture how YOUR winning moment reaction would be if we were at your door with $100,000, right?!

I decided to call John to have a chat about his recent winning moment and follow up with what he’s been up to since the big surprise!

Firstly, John was so lovely and pleasant to talk to! You could really tell he was a happy man who was so excited to be added to PCH’s winning roster! John filled me in and told me he actually wasn’t home at the time that the Prize Patrol came. He was coming home from a doctor’s appointment when he got a call from his property manager! The manager told him he needed to get home as soon as possible to retrieve a package. John said he was hesitant at first, but thought that the package may have been an order from Publishers Clearing House that he was expecting in the mail (what a coincidence!)

Finally, John got home and within a few minutes, he heard a knock on his door, expecting it to be the manager to give him his package, but what was before his eyes was EVEN BETTER! Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol, and a PCH “Big Check” for $100,000 that read “John Childress!”  He said that the sight of Dave holding that check, “Took his breath away”.

John shared with me that he knew PCH was for real and that it wasn’t a scam, but he did not think he would ever be lucky enough to win! John enters all the time and said he loves the products we offer as well!  When I asked him who the first person he told was, he said it was a friend of his who now enters and orders products from PCH, too!  We love when our winner’s recruit new people to join in on the fun!

John said he hasn’t spent any of the money on fun things yet, but he has paid off some bills which has been a huge help. One day soon, John would like to take a trip to Italy and donate to his church. He still enters all the time and hopes to win a SuperPrize one day!

We’re so happy for John. He is such a kind man who seems very worthy of his winnings! Help us congratulate John in the comments below!


Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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