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Making A Difference Is The Biggest Win Of All!

Everybody knows that PCH makes a difference by giving away “Big Checks” to winners across the country. We change lives every single day as we strive to entertain, inspire and delight our fans with winning opportunities, games, rewards and personally relevant offers. But we also give so much more. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes at PCH that you may not know about. Behind the glitz and glamour is a caring and conscientious organization aiming to make the world a better place; because making a difference is the biggest win of all!

I know this for a fact because in addition to working for PCH, I’m also part of a benevolent employee group called the PCH Social Responsibility Team (SRT). The PCH SRT is a dedicated team of individuals who give their time to help improve the well-being of numerous communities. Just like so many of our kind-hearted fans, we love to lend a helping hand and give to those in need. I don’t want to brag (yes, I do), but check out some of our 2017 accomplishments:

  • PCH employees on Long Island literally gave a part of themselves to individuals, donating 136 pints of blood to the NY Blood Center.
  • Our Boston office has volunteered at Community Servings and helped package nutritious meals for almost 400 clients and families (ages 12 to 100) who were unable to leave their homes due to chronic and critical illnesses.
  • PCH volunteers from the Long Island office pitched in to assist North Shore Animal League America with their annual pet adoption event, Pet Adopt-A-Thon, joining in the effort to find permanent loving families for homeless animals.
  • Several volunteers were excited to again serve lunch at the INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) soup kitchen in Hempstead, NY. The INN has a network of 14 soup kitchens and several housing units throughout Long Island.
  • For Earth Day, PCH volunteers helped restore a local hiking trail by picking up litter and doing some light spring pruning. And to emphasize reusing resources, PCH employees collected 68 cartons of gently used books and magazines, which were donated to the Book Fairies for distribution to high poverty schools and organizations throughout metropolitan New York.

Want to see a full list of our 2017 volunteer contributions?

We’re proud of our 2017 volunteer contributions, and rightfully so.  And 2018 has been off to an incredible start too: blood drives, food kitchens, environmental clean-ups and so much more! Honestly, I’m so proud of this company. They do so much for people and the environment. In fact, PCH’s commitment to the environment and its efforts for an eco-friendly workspace would need an entirely separate blog of its own, so I’ll save all that for next time, but believe me, PCH is environmentally conscious, too.


We’ve also learned that our fans are some of the most caring and charitable people. Our winners are always so generous and eager to help others – it’s so beautiful to see. So, now it’s YOUR TURN to brag a little, spread some awareness, and to get your message heard! Go for it!

How do you prefer to give back?

What are some of your favorite charities?

What issues/causes are most important to you?

Please give your feedback below. I can’t wait to hear what all of you have to say. Let’s use this opportunity to spread a little kindness. Like Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” And like the PCH Social Responsibility Team always says, “Making a difference is the biggest win of all!”


Tina P.
Online Creative

P.S. You can reach the wonderful charitable organizations mentioned above by clicking the links below:

NY Blood Center
North Shore Animal League America
INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network)
Book Fairies



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