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Hmmm… a modest but roomy ranch house – with a chef’s kitchen – a bedroom with a fireplace for Autumn to sleep near – and a big bathroom with his/hers options so I don’t have to look at beard clippings in the sink…. Oh hi, everyone. You caught me fantasizing about my dream home. Do you do that sometimes; picture the rooms, the layout? Well if you do, then you must enter our “Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes!

Because I work for PCH, I can’t enter the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes! I can only dream about it right now. But YOU could – and $500,000.00 would do the job nicely, too. I think the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes is particularly cool because you kind of “build your dream home” as you enter the contest. There are four fun and easy steps: 1) Choose a house style, 2) Choose a kitchen style, 3) Choose a bedroom style, and 4) Choose a bathroom style. And then you enter to win! So fun!


Like many people, I don’t own my own home. I have a lot of dreams about what it would look like, and funny enough, they aren’t very extravagant. First, it would have to be in a great neighborhood. And like I mentioned above, I would love a ranch style. It’s one level, which means my Autumn (my senior puppy) wouldn’t have to climb stairs. I love to cook but don’t have a lot of space in my current kitchen. My dream kitchen would have a pizza oven! I’ve always wanted a fireplace in the bedroom – it just seems so warm and cozy, and I know Autumn would love it. And the bathroom… I mentioned it above that I would love a his/hers, and I’m sure every “him” and every “her” have the same wish – to have their own space! No more whiskers in the sink and no more mascara on the towels. Ha, ha!

Now I would love to hear what YOUR dream home would look like. Feel free to dream away in the comments below. Imagine winning $500,000.00 to buy or even build your own dream home! Have you entered the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes yet? I suggest you get to it”!

Best of luck!

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    1. Thank you for your interest in our sweepstakes. We offer multiple entry options for our many exciting giveaways. Every entry has the same fair chance of winning and our winners are selected at random. There’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next with a big check so keep at it and don’t give up. To see all of the ways you can claim an entry each day, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  1. My dream home looks like a Southern home with a huge front porch. Theres a porch swing and a gazebo outback with a playground, a pool, a mini skate board ramp, a sandbox, and a guest house. The inside.. well it just looks like home. Lots of pictures, flowers, and a Piano to teach my Ava Rock-Elle how to make music.

  2. I would love to grow from our modular home to a 4 bedroom to match our growing family. Would love a open concept down stairs, with a gas fire place and a rustic feel, as well as a seperate room for laundry. The kitchen, would have a large island to allow for better food prep, include the sink, and area to sit. It would be farm house simple.

    The master bedroom would be downatairs, with a large walk-in closet, glass enclosed shower with a stone facade. The kids room would be upstairs, each with a walk-in closet and more space. There would be a lounge area for the kids to enjoy and an office.

    One day!