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Hmmm… a modest but roomy ranch house – with a chef’s kitchen – a bedroom with a fireplace for Autumn to sleep near – and a big bathroom with his/hers options so I don’t have to look at beard clippings in the sink…. Oh hi, everyone. You caught me fantasizing about my dream home. Do you do that sometimes; picture the rooms, the layout? Well if you do, then you must enter our “Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes!

Because I work for PCH, I can’t enter the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes! I can only dream about it right now. But YOU could – and $500,000.00 would do the job nicely, too. I think the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes is particularly cool because you kind of “build your dream home” as you enter the contest. There are four fun and easy steps: 1) Choose a house style, 2) Choose a kitchen style, 3) Choose a bedroom style, and 4) Choose a bathroom style. And then you enter to win! So fun!


Like many people, I don’t own my own home. I have a lot of dreams about what it would look like, and funny enough, they aren’t very extravagant. First, it would have to be in a great neighborhood. And like I mentioned above, I would love a ranch style. It’s one level, which means my Autumn (my senior puppy) wouldn’t have to climb stairs. I love to cook but don’t have a lot of space in my current kitchen. My dream kitchen would have a pizza oven! I’ve always wanted a fireplace in the bedroom – it just seems so warm and cozy, and I know Autumn would love it. And the bathroom… I mentioned it above that I would love a his/hers, and I’m sure every “him” and every “her” have the same wish – to have their own space! No more whiskers in the sink and no more mascara on the towels. Ha, ha!

Now I would love to hear what YOUR dream home would look like. Feel free to dream away in the comments below. Imagine winning $500,000.00 to buy or even build your own dream home! Have you entered the Win Your Dream Home Sweepstakes yet? I suggest you get to it”!

Best of luck!

Tina P.
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