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It’s Not “Funny Money” To This Recent PCH Winner!

I was in one of our private phone rooms at Publishers Clearing House headquarters hysterically laughing, and I was so thankful that the rooms were soundproof. Recent State of Play $10,000.00 PCH winner Scott O. was cracking me up!

So, to show you more of his “winning personality,” watch his winning moment below!

As you can gather from the video, Scott and his wife are quite the duo. In fact, I got the impression that she enters more often than he does!

“Oh, she does most of it,” Scott confirmed. He went on to explain that she’s made their house lucky – she’s been a PCH winner before of $100.00 and other smaller prizes.

 “She enters daily online from our living room. She does shopping for Christmas there too. Of course, I’m paying the bills for all of that! Yeah, she does it all while we’re watching TV or sports.”

With his wry sense of humor, I got the impression that Scott enjoyed how he ended up surprising the Prize Patrol as Dave Sayer and his camera operator knocked on his front door!

“I had just gotten home about 10 minutes before … and then was STUNNED when I see these guys walking up to the open door! It was bright and sunny outside and it’s dark in our house, so I think maybe I scared them when I called out to them.”

That’s a rare moment when a PCH winner gets to surprise the Prize Patrol! Scott always knew the Prize Patrol was real, but still never thought it would happen to him:

“I was stunned, I really was. I’ve seen what happens on TV, and I know what happens, but this doesn’t happen to regular old retirees. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time. My sewer collapsed, so I had to get that fixed. I was scrambling around to figure out the money, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.”

In Scott’s house, they’ve been entering using tablet devices for years, and even upgraded their electronics to have a faster entering experience. I suggested that maybe it’s time for another upgrade! Scott answered with a laugh that the computers really aren’t his department!

“[After the sewer repair] we’ve got the money left over, but I leave all the electronic stuff to her!”

As for what advice he (or his wife) could give to hopeful winners out there, Scott has this to say:

“Like I told everyone, all my nieces and nephews too, if you’re going to play games on your phone, you’d be really stupid not to play these games! Not only are they free, but you can win money!”

Good words of wisdom from a real PCH winner!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you were going to buy something to help you do more on PCH online, what would you purchase? A new computer, tablet or phone? Tell us in the comments below!



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