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Introducing PCHSearch&Win’s Mystery Prize Mania Event!

It’s all revealed inside! We’re kicking off PCHSearch&Win’s Mystery Prize Mania Event TODAY, and we’re so excited to share the great news about this awesome event with you! Please keep reading to find all about how you can get in on the mystery all week long and enter to become a PCH prizewinner!

Here’s the scoop: from Monday August 13th until Friday August 17th, this exclusive Mystery Prize Mania event will occur ONLY at PCHSearch&Win – and a secret cash prize amount will be revealed EACH DAY OF THE WEEK! You read that right: during our Mystery Prize Mania, we’ll be revealing all different prizes throughout the entire week!

You see, we’re GUARANTEED to make many SURPRISE winners in this event: exclusive mystery cash prizes, secret bonus entries, AND instant win prizes are prepared to be awarded to PCH prizewinners! Yes… PCH fans, like you, can win up to $25,000.00 during this stellar event! Wouldn’t THAT be an amazing surprise – to win a SuperPrize?

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What’s a great way that I could find out more about each prize, each day of the week?” And we have the answer for you: make sure you are receiving emails from PCHSearch&Win! That way, you could hear about all the amazing prizes right in your inbox! Along with PCHSearch&Win emails, make sure you tune in to Inside PCH on PCH’s Facebook fan page to find out more information on what YOU could win during our Mystery Prize Mania event! These are great ways to stay in to win if you want to become a PCH prizewinner!

Get in on the mystery! Search now at PCHSearch&Win and you could win! Then, search all week and find out what prizes could be coming your way! Yes, prizes are guaranteed for award in our Mystery Prize Mania event!

Make sure you’re in to win at PCHSearch&Win – it’s the ONLY place you can enter to win these MYSTERY PRIZES! Award date will be August 22nd… so keep entering to win!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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