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What State Should PCH Deliver the Prize To This Friday?

Did you know that PCH has had winners in all 50 states? It’s true. So, when you think about it – your state has already had winners AND your state could also be our next SuperPrize delivery destination! The $1,000.00 A Day For Life. SuperPrize event date is only five days away on 8/31! Will we be heading to your area? Tell me, what state should we deliver the prize to this Friday?

I’m born and raised in New York, and I must admit, I always get excited to see a New Yorker win. But PCH Winners come from all over the country! On a recent PCH Pay Day special edition episode of Inside PCH, which airs on our Fan Page on Facebook, Winnerologist Eve Fish announced the names of winners in every state! She mentioned that she particularly loved that episode!

H2: “During filming for our last PCH Pay Day, I was having trouble saying the names of some of the towns across America – that was embarrassing! Learning about the culture, the foods, the important things that make each state and city so unique is my absolute favorite part to learn. For example, I didn’t know what a beignet was, and I couldn’t even say it! That sounds like something I NEED to eat PRONTO!” ~ Winnerologist Eve Fish

Shout-out to Louisiana and its amazing beignets! I’ve had those – delicious! What state do YOU live in? Is there something special that your state is known for? Give your state a shout-out in the comments below and tell me what makes it special! I’m curious to see if we can get comments from fans in all 50 states! While we’re at it, tell me what you would do if you saw the PCH Prize Patrol van pull up to your house with a “Big Check” for $1,000.00 A Day For Life! Would you travel? Would you visit another state in the country or go to another country entirely?

Don’t forget – the Prize Patrol is getting ready to make someone very happy this Friday – THIS FRIDAY!!

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you’re entered to WIN, because $1,000.00 A Day For Life is a lot of money – and it would literally change your life. Now… what state should we deliver the prize to this Friday? Best of luck!

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