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Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For September

And just like that – it’s September. It seems like 2018 is just flying by. Has anyone won this year yet? Well, if not, don’t worry. There are plenty more opportunities this month – and every month. Let’s get into Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For September, and you’ll see what I mean.

PCH September Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 2Week 2: A Week of Access!

Week 1 is only one day, so we’re jumping to Week 2. On Monday, the 3rd, we have the PCH Prize Access Week Event – available to all. Keep your eyes on the prize because from 9/3 – 9/9, $5,000.00 Is Guaranteed to be Awarded! You could be banking a sweet $5 Grand, so open all your emails and push notifications so you can stay informed and make sure you’re in to win.

Also, in week two is the VIP Private Access Week Event. Like Prize Access Week, VIP Private Access Week is also a week of prizes Guaranteed to be Awarded – but it’s FOR VIPS ONLY. From 9/4 – 9/9, VIPs will be entitled to SIX INCREDIBLE DAYS OF EXCLUSIVE CASH PRIZES! Every day of the event, one VIP Prize or VIP Elite Prize Is Guaranteed to Be Awarded! The VIP Grand Prize is $5,000.00 – but VIP Elites get DOUBLE PAYOUTS! That means the VIP Elite Grand Prize is $10,000.00!

Are you a VIP or VIP Elite? Give a shout-out in the comments. But if you’re not a VIP or a VIP Elite yet, we suggest you work your way to it. Keep entering those sweeps! There are lots of perks for those with sensational sweepstakes loyalty! So, make it a priority! You’ll be seeing reminders in emails and push notifications – so again, keep an eye out.

PCH September Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 3

Week 3: A Week to Remember!

Week three is a special one. So Exciting – From 9/10 – 9/14 the PCH Prize Patrol will be appearing on the “STEVE” show, awarding a “Big Check” to the contestants participating in the match game, “Harvey’s Hundreds.” Normally, Steve awards the match game winners $100 per match. But since the Prize Patrol will be on the show, the contestants will get $500.00 per match! And on 9/14 we’ll be awarding $1,000.00 per match! Make sure to tune in to the “STEVE” Show and “Harvey’s Hundreds!”

But that’s not all for week three. As you may already know, each year since 2011, PCH has hosted the Giveback Campaign, where, with the help of fans like you, we spread awareness and raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to help end childhood cancer. So far, we’ve donated $750,000.00 to this incredible cause, and we’re going to add another $150,000.00 to that number in 2018! From September 14 – 24, our Social Media Team will immerse our PCH Fan Page on Facebook, along with our other social media outlets, with messaging to raise awareness to St. Jude’s mission and our collaborative Giveback Event. On September 24, there will be an exclusive 20-minute Giveback Edition of Inside PCH and for every fan view, we will donate $1.00 – up to $50,000.00! That’s a total donation of $150,000.00! But that’s not all! We have a “SuperSurprise” in store! In addition to presenting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® with a “Big Check” for $150,000.00, we’re also giving them a fabulous gift. THIS IS WHERE YOU GUYS COME IN! We will also be presenting them with a beautiful Mosaic print commemorating our ongoing charitable partnership – and WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO BE PART OF IT! Starting on 9/14, just go to and upload a photo of yourself to be included in the mosaic! Cool, right? So, make sure you tune in and tell all your friends to as well. Let’s all join together and help this incredible cause! You guys in?

Lastly, also starting on Monday the 10th is SuperPrize Upgrade Week. For one week only, the SuperPrize will be DOUBLE the amount shown on TV. So instead of $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” it will be $5,000.00 A Week “Forever!” That means if you win, you’ll get weekly payouts of $5,000.00 and after that, a recipient of your choosing will get weekly lifetime payments of $5,000.00! But you must be diligent. Keep an eye out for this promotion via push notifications and your daily emails from PCH. com, PCH Search&Win, PCHFrontpage , and PCHlotto!

PCH September Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 4

Week 4: Breather…

For week four, we’re taking a little breather. While there’s plenty to do to keep yourself happily busy, we’re slowing it down a bit from week three, which was jam packed. I put a few reminders on the calendar this week – to visit PCHKeno and play in some live drawings and to check out the PCHRewards Token Exchange to browse prizes. It might be time to redeem some tokens you’ve been storing up!

PCH September Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 5

Week 5: Day of 1000 Winners.

Do you remember our Day of 1000 Winners Events? We’ve had two so far and in Week five, we’re going to launch our THIRD! It’s been such a fan favorite, that we had to bring it back. On September 25, fans across the PCH network will be celebrating yet another incredible day of Winning! Exactly one thousand people will be taking home CASH PRIZES ranging from $10.00 to the Grand Prize of $10,000.00! And as usual, MULTIPLE CASH PRIZES ARE GURANTEED! In fact, 1 $10,000.00 GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS GUARANTEED! You’ll be able to enter to win from all PCH sites, so keep an eye out for messaging – emails, push notifications and reminders on all our properties. The lucky $10,000.00 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will get a visit from the Prize Patrol on October 3, so make sure to enter!

Well, that’s about it – Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For September. I hope you’re marking your calendars, so you don’t miss out on all the wonderful millionaire-making opportunities available to you. You never know, right? Best of luck and see you next month!

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