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Thanks For Participating In The PCH Giveback!

As many of you already know, PCH has hosted the Giveback Campaign since 2011. With the help of you guys and all PCH fans, we’ve spread awareness and raised funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to help end childhood cancer. What a beautiful collaboration. We are so grateful to each one of you for your participation, and we’re thrilled to announce that together, we’ve donated an incredible $900,000.00 to date! That’s why we want to offer you our heartfelt thanks for participating in the Giveback.

That is simply amazing, if I do say so myself. Did you watch our special Inside PCH Giveback episode where for every view we donated $1.00.00 up to $50.000.00? It was wonderful, wasn’t it? I thought the interview with special guest, St. Jude Brand Ambassador and cancer survivor, Joel Alsup was truly inspiring. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for Participating in the Giveback – Mosaic

And did you upload your picture to be part of our mosaic print that we gave to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®? I did. This is the picture I used … of course my Autumn is in it. In fact, all of us at PCH contributed our photos. We even had photobooth stations set up! Which picture did you use? Was it of you, a pet, a family photo, a pretty image?

Giveback Mosaic Photo

Every year our PCH Giveback collaboration is heartwarming and motivating, but this year felt even more so for me. Perhaps it was all the wonderful comments on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook during our special Inside PCH Giveback episode – or maybe it was all the incredible photos in the synergistic mosaic. Whatever the reason, I just love being part of such an important cause. And we couldn’t be more grateful for all our PCH Fans’ ongoing support. You guys are amazing! What a wonderful team we make! So, this goes out to everyone. As St. Jude says, “Let’s end childhood cancer. Together.”

Endless thanks for participating in the Giveback, everyone. Let’s do it again next year!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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