Design Your Millionaire Dream Home!

I bet just about everyone, at some point, visualized what their dream home would look like – especially PCHers! Hoping for a SuperPrize win is great inspiration for dream home fantasies! For today though, we’re going to have a little fun and play a game. I want you to design your own Millionaire Dream Home using your birthday!

Even I have a Millionaire Dream Home in mind – and as you know, I’m not eligible to enter/win PCH sweepstakes since I’m an employee. But you can’t stop a gal from dreaming! I’m going to play this game, too. According to the chart, my dream home would be, “Grand Putting Green!”  Ha Ha… not exactly what I had in mind, but it made me laugh!

I want everyone to play along – it’ll be fun! Take your birth month and the last digit of your birth year to make your Millionaire Dream Home and write it in the comments below! Let’s see what funny combos we get!

Now, because I couldn’t help myself, I created Autumn’s Millionaire Dream Home (my puppy). According to our cute little game, hers would be “Outrageous Elevator” (October/05). Ha! Somehow, I don’t think that would be her first choice. She’s probably more of a “King-Sized Bed” type so she can sprawl across it horizontally and not leave me any room. But I digress!

Now, once you come up with your silly dream home, feel free to share with everyone what your real dream home would be like. If you won a Dream Home Sweepstakes and could design your Millionaire Dream Home, what type of home would you have? Where would you live? Would you stay in the state you’re in or move away? What are your “must-haves” and what are your “nice-to-haves?” Tell me below!

O.K. guys, it’s time for me to sign off. I can’t wait to see all the silly Millionaire Dream Homes that you guys come up with. I hope you had fun playing our little game. See ya’ next time!

Tina P.
Online Creative


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  1. I can’t picture a floor plan of the house I want, a really good architect would have to show me.
    Most important is to be happy enough with the house you live in. Houses have been over-priced & understatements usually.

  2. January 25,1997
    Amazing tennis court is my outcome… couldn’t be anymore perfect. A clay tennis court, with basketball goals on either end, and maybe even soccer goals. I played soccer 18 years, and I would love to have my very own setup!! Also need enough land to have a beautiful background for me my my wives wedding. Not planned just yet but we are engaged and paying onto a ring.

  3. Gorgeous Chefs Kitchen My dream home would be a rather large A-Frame, open downstairs with a central firepit and open kitchen, dining, entertainment area. Upstairs lofted Glass for “going green”. …and the garage?? You’ll have to ask me later!! Thank you for the opportunity

  4. Please Help Me ! Over 23 million Tokens taken ! I was sitting here and saw it ! !23 Million gone Replaced with 1000.

  5. My little white shack on the pacific coast has large screened windows and covered porch all around. While I lay my military abused tinker toy body in a hammock between two redwoods, my pets stretch out on the lawn. The wonderful cool ocean breezes keep the metal in my head from overheating and giving me a screaming headache. My home is bright with sunshine, it never gets warmer than 70 degrees and you’ll find me working outside with my flowers in the morning.

  6. Beautiful Chef’s Kitchen…right up my alley! I love to cook and bake so I play every day because I’m gonna win that weekly drawing for life 😉.