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Winner Follow-Up With “Forever” Prize Winner Douglas Butcher!

Sometimes people don’t believe our winning moments are real, but they all are! Every time the Prize Patrol awards a prize, it’s given to a real person (not an actor), and you don’t have to look much farther than our recent “Forever” Prize Winner Douglas Butcher for proof!

Just watch his winning moment below to see what I mean!

I asked Howie what happened, and Howie told me that they found Douglas Butcher’s house, but a reliable tip told them that he’d be at a local park in his truck.

I spoke with Douglas, and he was very open about his situation. As you may have heard him mention in his winning moment, he had recently fallen on some hard times. The Prize Patrol meeting him at a local park was a blessing in disguise, as Douglas was renting a space in the house when the Prize Patrol knocked on the door. There wouldn’t have been much room for a winning moment!

Douglas is still living in the cramped space, but plans on moving out very soon.

“I’ve got to get a new place, and take a bunch of stuff out of storage,” he explained.

“Before moving here, I was living in a motel for a while. But that got too expensive. Now I’d love to buy a nice modest home of my own.”

Douglas shared with us lots of details about his life, and he’s had some remarkable experiences! But of course, having the Prize Patrol show up at his house and deliver him $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” has to be his #1!

As a “Forever” Prize Winner, Douglas hasn’t yet selected a beneficiary, but he did share the news of his good fortune with his family.

“They’re all excited, too. They’re more excited than I am!”

As you can tell from the shirt that Douglas was wearing, he is a big believer in faith. In fact, he claims that he bought that shirt specifically to wear for a SuperPrize award! He went on to say that he felt like he knew the Prize Patrol would show up.

“I said to them, ‘I was expecting you! I knew you were coming!’ I just knew!”

Douglas has plans to write a book chronicling his life story. He says that meeting the Prize Patrol and entering PCH will be a part of it – it’s something he’s been doing for the past 18 years!

“Yes, I’ll be writing my book. I’m glad that I won, but I keep telling people that I won’t have time to enjoy it. I’m going to be so busy!”

We certainly wish Douglas all the best as he upgrades his life and shares his incredible life story with the world!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – I asked Douglas Butcher what the first thing was that he bought with the money, and he said THREE POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE! Can you believe that? What’s the first thing you’d buy if you won all that money? Tell us in the comments below.

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