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What Would Your Victory Walk Look Like?

Will you be named the winner of our $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event on December 21st? The Prize Patrol could arrive at your doorstep with a life-changing prize in just weeks, when we take a Special Early Look to see if the matching winning number was timely returned.  All you have to do is enter PCH Sweepstakes – yes, that’s ALL you have to do for your shot to meet the Prize Patrol at YOUR doorstep with a “Big Check”!  Because even If the winning number isn’t timely returned, we’ll still be awarding a whopping $1 Million in a second chance drawing.

If you won $7,000.00 A Week For Life, what would your victory walk look like? You know, your victory walk! Everyone should have one. Whether it’s for a sports game win, after you go on a great date, or if you win MONEY FOR LIFE – it’s important to know what your victory walk would look like after a big win!

Waving Hands In The Air!

Right after the Prize Patrol passes a “Big Check” over, you could be waving your hands in the air and walking around the front of your home in celebration of a very special day!

Legs Bouncing You Up And Down!

Sometimes I’ll just kind of bop around when I’m happy about my life; it’s just like a little dance! Your walk could become a dance + victory walk hybrid if you win a $7,000.00 A Week For Life prize!

Long Strides!

If you’re handed a “Big Check” for a $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize from PCH Sweepstakes, you may want to get inside your home and start planning your new lifestyle ASAP, which might cause you to take such long strides, and that could end up being your victory walk! Wouldn’t that be such an amazing way to show how happy you are about winning PCH Sweepstakes?

Something Else!

Do you have ideas of what your victory walk would look like if you won $7,000.00 A Week For Life? We would love to know, so please tell us what you are thinking by commenting in the section right below this blog post!

Remember to stay in it to win it with the PCH Sweepstakes … that way, you could brainstorm your victory walk while knowing you could soon become a prizewinner in no time!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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