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If I Win $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”, The First $5,000.00 Is Being Spent On _______

Let’s face it, $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”  is pretty life changing. Getting that money every week for the rest of your life would be pretty mind-blowing. And then being able to pass it on to a loved one? If you won, that would change your family’s life forever!

But let’s think about that first $5,000.00 for a second. For most of us, getting $5,000.00 suddenly dropped in our laps would be a big deal in of itself! What would you spend it on?

The Splurger

Are you The Splurger? This is the person who just can’t hold themselves back. They’re not foolish; they just realize that this is the first of MANY $5,000.00 weekly payments to come, and decides that with all that cash…they might as well start with a major upgrade! It could be on a new wardrobe, a down payment on a fancy car, a quick trip to the tropics, or a crazy spending spree! Are you The Splurger? Even if you’re not, what would you splurge on? Tell us in the comments below!

The Payer

They’re the kind of person who sees that first $5,000.00 as a way to break free from the debt that’s been hanging over their heads! Most Americans carry debt;  whether it’s mortgages, car loans, medical bills or credit card balances. This first $5,000.00 could really help someone get out of debt, or at the very least, take a big step to getting there!

 The Giver

Many of our winners are very generous. “Forever” Prize winner LeRoy Faulks and his wife come to mind, and I’m sure everyone who wins a prize that large would eventually end up gladly helping those in need. But if someone knows they’re getting $5,000.00 a week for life…well, they might decide to make that first prize payout really count. They might say to themselves “I’m going to have so much…I want to make sure I always help those who are less fortunate.” I’ve interviewed many winners, and I’ve heard plenty of stories about their donations to soup kitchens, local charities, donations to large organizations or just random acts of kindness. Would that be you?

The Saver

Or the winner might not spend it at all! They could take that first $5,000.00 check and put it in the bank, invest it in some bonds, put it in the stock market, or stuff it in their mattress! What’s the best investment you can imagine making? Tell us in the comments below!

So, who on the list above are you? Tell us in the comments below! But don’t forget, you have to ENTER to even have a chance…so do it today!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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  1. PCH I Am Ready To Become Your Forever Winner. The Money Would Help Pay Off My Daughters Wedding, Buy Her Wedding Gown, Pay My Mortgage Off from My Other House, Help My Kids Out, Help Kids in Saint Judes, Buy My Gown for the Wedding than Fix My old house up so We Can Sell It. Thank You Donna

  2. I’m a payer like to get bills paid make sure we have gas,food and the needed items of living maybe get better house update power box

  3. PCH< I like to buy some land to put house on it .this is my dream come true .were living in ai bedroom rooming house ..not enough room for i and my husband shared kitchen and 1 bath we both have health issues . Too …. We really need to have a larger h place we can call our home .live normal a gain …have a service small dog as well … .if u get my drift i love to win the $5,000.00 and i cauld use it for a new vechile too or other things as well . I have a plann thank you it will get me started any way .been in this to win it for real keep on till i do thanks mary
    P.s thes are my dreams i really love ❤️ to have !!!💯😃🎉🙏🌹