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Scam Safety Tip: BEWARE Of Phony Friend Requests!

Imagine, you are sitting at your computer ready to do your daily check on your digital world. You start by checking your email, online banking, local news, head over to to enter our fantastic sweepstakes and then you check on your social media accounts when BAM, a friend request pops up from a Prize Patrol member. Now hang on there one minute before you start jumping for joy. You should immediately know that THIS IS A SCAM!

A scam you may ask? Well, you should know that no one from the PCH Prize Patrol would ever send a friend request on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! It’s just not something we do, because well, it would totally spoil the surprise of our big winning moments.

We really care about our fans and we would NEVER want you to fall victim to a scam. So, here’s a few things you should NEVER do if you receive a friend request from someone claiming to be a member of the Prize Patrol:

  1. DO NOT accept the request
  2. DO NOT interact with the scammer!
  3. NEVER provide personal information (such as your social security # or banking information).
  4. NEVER send money to claim a prize!  At PCH the winning is ALWAYS FREE!
  5. REPORT the phony request(s) ASAP with our handy Scam Incident Report form.

Now, even though we want to emphasize that the PCH Prize Patrol will NOT send a friend request, we do love our social media presence! There’s no harm at all (actually we strongly encourage it!) in interacting with PCH through our social platforms. Just make sure that you are ALWAYS interacting with verified pages. We love hearing from our amazing fans on the PCH Prize Patrol Fanpage, on our Official Instagram and PCH Twitterand, of course, right here on the PCH Blog!

So, fans, make sure that you spread the word and help keep your friends and family safe from scammers.

Stay safe and above all HAVE FUN!

Victoria P. PCH Creative

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