What’s Howie Guja Looking Forward to In 2019?

I sat down with Prize Patrol Elite member Howie Guja to see what he’s looking forward to in the year ahead as well as some other fun questions that I’m sure lots of you would love to know the answers to! Read along to see what Howie Guja had to say!

  1. What things are coming up at PCH in 2019 that you’re excited for? PCH Pay Day on February 28th! And giving away a lot more prizes. We had so many prizes in 2018, but I can’t wait to see the prizes we give away and the people we’ll get to meet in 2019! It’s going to be a good year – I can feel it!
  2. You’ve had so many winning moments in 2019 already! What has been your favorite? That’s tough because most of our winners are fantastic. But if I had to choose one so far it would be Michel Lepine. I waited around for him all day, and in the process many neighbors came out to say how he was a wonderful person. He was so happy when I handed him a $100,000 check he had tears in his eyes. His brother just couldn’t believe it was real. I called them a few days later once the check cleared and they were beyond overjoyed.
  3. What are the essentials you pack when going on Prize Patrol trips? I pride myself on traveling and packing as efficiently as possible. We joke on Prize Patrol that my bag is like a mobile airport shop. I have everything in there you might need in a pinch from hand sanitizer, to Advil, to notepads and pens. I always bring extras of everything for Danielle and Dave.
  4. You and Danielle are so great on Inside PCH! We know her favorite part of the show are fan shoutouts…what’s your favorite part of the show? I love the winning moment recaps! Since I am out on the road giving away prizes so often, sometimes the first time I get to see the footage is during the show. It’s always fun.
  5. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working or on the road? I love being outdoors. In warmer months you’ll find me sailing or at the beach. Even in winter, I will go paddle boarding and observe wildlife such as seals and birds.

Well, there you have it folks! Howie has a lot to say about 2019! Are YOU as excited as he is?! Keep entering the sweepstakes and one day, maybe Howie Guja will be knocking on YOUR door!

Good luck!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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