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No Plans This Weekend? 10 Ways You Could Have Fun At PCH!

Are you prepping for the Big Game this weekend? Maybe not? Either way, getting in to win is a great way to stay entertained and have a great weekend! Here’s a list of 10 Ways You Could Have Fun At PCH!

1.  Search at PCHSearch&Win!

Anything you want to search for, you CAN search for at PCHSearch&Win! Plus, you’ll get in to win Instant Win Prizes AND SuperPrizes when you perform a search!

2. Search at PCHFrontpage!

PCHFrontpage is the perfect place to get in to win prizes, search the web, AND read news to keep you up to date! Spend your weekend there – wow, there certainly is a lot to do! You could even look for interesting recipes for the Big Game!

3. Play PCHgames!

Mahjongg, Solitaire, Strategy games… I’ll tell you what, there are certainly many ways to be entertained at PCHgames! Start playing and getting in to win NOW… and all weekend!

4. Play PCHslots!

Wild West Winnings, Wild Cherries, Slots Of Gold, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Cha Ching Bling!, Aztec Temple Treasures… yep, there really are various fun slots games right over at PCHslots! Play now!

5. Play PCHBlackJack!

You don’t have to go to Vegas, or any casino to get the Blackjack experience – you could head right to PCHBlackJack and get the fun of the game right from your home!

6. Claim Numbers at PCHlotto!

PowerPrize… MegaPrize… Claiming Numbers, oh my! It’s all going on at PCHlotto, and you could get in on the fun by heading over there today, Saturday, Sunday… and every day, really!

7.  Comment on the PCH Official Facebook pages!

Facebook is a great way to stay connected, including with Publishers Clearing House! Check us out on Facebook and you’ll see that we post ALL about PCH. Join the conversation about the PCH Prize Patrol and so much more! Remember to look out for the blue check mark – that’s how you’ll know it’s the real page!

8. Comment on the PCH Official Instagram page!

Just like our Official Facebook pages, you’re going to want to look for the blue check mark on our Instagram pages to know you’re commenting on the right one – that way, you could have fun interacting with real PCH posts from Publishers Clearing House and the Prize Patrol members!

9. Enter To Win PCH Sweepstakes on Desktop!

If you have a computer, you could head to all of the websites and pages I mentioned above and get in to win right from the comfort of your couch!

10. Enter to Win PCH Sweepstakes on Mobile/The App!

If you prefer to get in to win from your phone, that’s fine – you can get in to win on our mobile websites OR our amazing apps, like the PCH app for Android!

Whether you’re prepping for the big game, have no plans this weekend, or something in between… PCH offers you plenty of ways to have fun and get in to win!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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