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Escape That Winter Chill With PCHSearch&Win

Gray skies, cold wind and SNOW! Yup folks, winter is in full force here at PCH headquarters and I will say that personally I am less than thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of some comfy PJs, a cup of hot cocoa and hanging out by a warm fireplace, but getting motivation to leave my house in the winter months is HARD WORK! I mean, who wants to leave the warmth of their homes and some cozy blankets to venture out into the cold, bitter air? Luckily winter is pretty good for one thing – and that is planning! Since I’m not a fan of these cold, dark months it’s the perfect time to plan a little getaway, and today I am here to tell you all about how PCHSearch&Wincan help you escape those winter chills!

Planning your perfect getaway is really SUPER simple with PCHSearch&Win. In fact, when I was trying to plan my own little getaway a few weeks ago it was my #1 go-to for figuring out the best deals on airfare. Since I am not a fan of the cold, I decided that it was a great time to go visit some family down in sunny (and warm) Florida. Nothing says relaxation more than hanging out with family poolside with some great food, a good book and the sunshine beating down. Since I already had my destination and a place to stay, it was as simple as booking airline tickets for my husband and I and then off we’d go!

I Immediately logged on and started searching for deals on flights, promo codes or anything that could help us save a few dollars going to and from our destination. PCHSearch&Win gave us great results and, even though it wasn’t much, it steered us in the right direction on how to shave a few dollars off our tickets. Every penny counts right?

So, what if you don’t have a location, place to stay or even an idea of where you want to go? No fear because PCHSearch&Win can help you here as well. Maybe you are looking for a warm winter getaway like I was? Or, maybe you love the cold and snow and are looking for a great mountain lodge or ski trip getaway? No matter what your preference is PCHSearch&Win is the perfect place to start.

Not only will you get great results, but don’t forget that, after logging in, your first search of the day gets you entry in our fantastic sweepstakes AND you have the chance to win instant prizes. Imagine that! Entry into our life-changing sweepstakes AND a chance for amazing instant win prizes – all for just searching for the things you need to know! You can’t beat that!

So, what are you waiting for? Log on right now and start searching today. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Travels!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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