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$25,000.00 Means A Lot To PCH Winner Priscilla Harrington!

I once knew a fellow writer who used to say, “when one of us succeeds, all of us succeed!” It’s a great truth to remember when you see someone you know get some good luck, and no example could be better of this than recent $25,000.00 PCH winner Priscilla Harrington. The way her town reacted when she won was like something out of a movie, but first…let’s see how it all happened!

$25,000.00 Winner Priscilla Harrington’s winning moment!

Years working at her local Burger King and Stop & Shop have made Priscilla a well-known face in her town, and after she won, word spread quick!

“At first I told people at Stop & Shop, and they were incredulous. But then customers were coming in saying ‘we saw you online! You’re all over the internet!’ Everyone was coming in the store to congratulate me!”

But as much people in her town know Priscilla, not many were aware of her love of PCH!

“Not really many knew, just my family. But even they’d say, ‘what are you doing that for?’ I stopped for a few years, but then got back into it five years ago. I like buying stuff from PCH too, because I don’t have time to go out shopping. The products are really unique!” (Of course, Priscilla knows you never have to order in order to enter the PCH Sweeps!)

I asked PCH Winner Priscilla what her plans were for the $25,000.00, and she answered with a laugh!

“It’s been too cold to go shopping anywhere,” the New Englander said. “I haven’t gone out yet, but I probably will. I need a new washing machine and a new dryer. I’ll probably also visit my daughter in Texas. I haven’t seen her in about five years, so I need to go visit the house they’re building down there! Besides that, we went to celebrate the night I won with a trip to Olive Garden.”

“You won’t believe the amount of people who come up to me and want to know more about it all. I keep telling them, ‘you’ve got to keep it up!’ They tell me that they used to play for a year or two and then stop. But now that they know someone who lives near them, someone they know, they know it’s real.”

Priscilla also shared this amusing story: “I know this one lady who went home and told her husband she was going to start entering. He said, ‘don’t even think about it.’ Then she pulled out the newspaper, pointed to my picture and said, ‘what about her?’ And he shut right up and didn’t know what to say!”

PCH Winner Priscilla plans to keep entering and has something in her house to keep motivating her!

“The big check is in our dining room! They told me not to throw it out, so I have it in there.”

Priscilla’s five-year journey is really inspiring, so don’t give up! If you’ve been playing for 1 month or 10 years, you never know when your lucky moment is going to come your way! But make sure you’re registered and taking care of everything we have going on at!

Matt K
PCH Correspondent

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