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Where In The World Would You Go If You Won Millions From PCH?

Where in the world would you go if you won millions from the PCH Sweepstakes? If you won a SuperPrize, you’d be able to book flights and vacation in so many wonderful destinations around the entire globe. So, where would you choose to go? We thought of just a few ideas for you now, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on where you’d go if you were awarded millions of dollars from the PCH Sweepstakes!


There are so many interesting countries in Europe and each has its very own history, culture, and fun activities to explore. If you won millions from PCH sweepstakes, would you book your flights to Europe?


I have so many family members and friends that have been on amazing trips to Africa. Between learning more about the traditions, trying local foods, and even going on educational safaris, would you vacation in Africa if you won millions from the PCH sweepstakes?


I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. Wouldn’t it be so cool to book flights to travel all around Asia and learn more about the people and places? Would you book your vacation to Asia if you were named a big winner from the PCH sweepstakes?


You could go to “a land down under” and book flights to Australia if you won millions from the PCH sweepstakes. Australia sounds like an exciting vacation spot, and you could travel there if you win PCH prize funds.

Somewhere Else?

There are so many other wonderful places to vacation in around the world that I haven’t mentioned on this very blog post, so please go ahead and comment below and tell us where in the world you’d go if you won millions from the PCH sweepstakes!

And remember, getting in it to win at PCH is the only way to make sure you could win life-changing, millionaire-making prizes. So, head to and you could be awarded a “Big Check” for millions of dollars – and the next thing you know, you could be booking flights all around the world!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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