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Follow Up with Our Newest “Forever” Prize Winner!

When Crystal Crawford got up that morning, she didn’t think much was different about her day. She left her older son at home and walked down the street to her job in New York City. Little did she know, just a 30-minute drive away, the PCH Prize Patrol was getting ready to leave their headquarters to make her $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” richer as a PCH prize winner!

Before we go much further, you have to see her fantastic reaction!

We asked her if becoming a prize winner has changed her routines in any way. Well, first and foremost, those thinking that she already quit her job would be wrong – she’s still working and hasn’t changed her routines all that much!

“I still do the same routines that I’m doing! The weekends have been easier, because I can take my kids shopping for clothes.”

Crystal’s life upgrades are something she plans on taking slowly, but it is something she still plans on doing.

“Well yeah, I bought a nice iPad®! That’s about it. Oh, and a pair of Ugg Boots! I didn’t do a lot for myself. Most of what I bought was for my family. Things they need, and the rest I’m saving as much as I can.

“But my long-term plan is to build on what is given to me. I want my youngest son to finish school without a loan, and my older son go to grad school without a loan.”

Crystal also plans to do a bit of travel. Besides some cruises, she hopes to visit some other countries!

“Cuba is one! My great-grandma was Cuban so I want to explore where she came from. And anywhere else that I haven’t been to. I want to see something other than what I’m used to seeing every day. I want to do some traveling, not a whole lot all at once.”

And on top of traveling, Crystal does hope to relocate to someplace else!

“Not sure where I’d move to yet. Probably not out of New York, maybe some place upstate. I don’t want to be too far from where I’m from. I can’t just uproot and go somewhere else. My younger son wants to try out for football. If he makes it, I don’t want to mess that up. But at some point, definitely upstate.”

We also asked Crystal if entering PCH was still something that was a part of her routine. Here’s her answer!

“Yes, I am still entering! I recruited my whole office, just about. All of my family members. They don’t think I know the secrets; they didn’t think it was real, I wasn’t sure if it was real either, but I liked the games and I figured I’d just be in it to win it!”

And there you have it! Words from a winner, and a deserving one at that! Watch for another interview with one of Crystal’s sons in the coming weeks!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

P.S. What’s your favorite spot to enter the PCH Sweeps? At the kitchen table? On the living room sofa? On your bus ride to work? Come back to the blog this afternoon for Debbie’s cute poem.

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