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Have You Heard? Winning Is ALWAYS Free at Publishers Clearing House!

Hi there, PCH fans! Do you know one word that just about everyone loves to hear? It’s something that can instantly put a smile on someone’s face. Well, if you didn’t already guess, that word is FREE, and it’s a word we use a lot around here at PCH headquarters.

Now, why on earth would one of our favorite words be FREE around here? The answer is simple! It’s because no matter what, winning at PCH is always absolutely, 100%, FREE! That’s a FREE shot at big money, a FREE shot at amazing instant-win prizes (a big shout out to PCHSearch&Win for this!) and FREE chances at extra entries all across our different properties.

There’s so much FREE winning to be had here at PCH. See, we love nothing more than giving away amazing super prizes that change the lives of our big winners and their families. Those beautiful, emotional winning moments you see on TV are 100% real, and not only do all of our winners share one thing in common (winning big right here at PCH, of course!), but they also paid absolutely nothing to enter or claim their prizes!

In fact, if you are ever asked to pay a fee, send a gift card, cash etc. to someone to claim a PCH prize, then your alarms should be going off! Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there and while we do the best we can to help prevent these incidents, we always ask our fans to remain alert and report ANY scam incidents using our online form.

Good luck to you all and remember — keep all those entries coming!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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