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Watch PCH Winning Moments On YouTube… One Day, YOU COULD BE THERE!

I heard word around the office one day that a fellow PCHer and friend of mine recently delivered an amazing PCH prize to a winner. I was so happy for my friend and, of course, the winner of the SuperPrize that I made my way right over to the PCH YouTube page to watch the PCH winning moment. And wow… just, wow! The Prize Patrol sure are great at their job!

To be honest, watching this moment nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes. I love writing for PCH, and to be able to see how PCH changes lives for the better right on our very own YouTube page reminded me of just how fantastic PCH Sweepstakes truly is.

I started shuffling through more PCH winning moment videos at the PCH YouTube page; the cheering, the joyful tears, the enthusiastic quotes — these PCH winning moments bring such a huge smile to my face! If you want your day to brighten, I recommend you head over to PCH’s YouTube page and watch all of those fantastic winning moments. One of the best parts of those videos? The winner could one day be you. Yes, the reality is that all of the winners on the PCH Youtube page entered to win PCH Sweepstakes, and became PCH winners… so, as long as you’re in it to win and enter PCH Sweepstakes, you could become one of those winners!

Yes, head to PCH’s YouTube page and you’ll see a lot of really great, and really entertaining categories, like…

Winner’s Circle!


Prize Patrol Fun!


Everybody’s Talking!


See? You’ll find a lot of very entertaining content over at our PCH YouTube page! And remember, the only way you could appear as a winner in one of our “PCH winning moments” videos is by entering to win PCH sweepstakes! So, you know what to do… get in it to win it!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I love watching the video of PCH winner moment live on television breaking news commercial advertising and YouTube commercial advertising I love ❤️ the joy it brings real people and to see their response is priceless.