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Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes for June

Happy June! We have some great things going on here at PCH this month – lots of exciting events, which means lots of opportunities to win BIG CASH! Here’s Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For June!

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 2

Week 2: PCHSearch&Win And PCHlotto

Since week one is only one day, we’re going right into week two – and it’s great! Right out of the gate on Monday June third, our Prize Access Event Unlocked begins. From June 3-7, you can head over to PCHSearch&Win for the opportunity to unlock $20,000.00 worth of event-exclusive prizes. During this 5-day event, two $5,000.00 prizes are guaranteed to be awarded and one grand prize of $10,000.00 is guaranteed to be awarded. This grand prize will be delivered in person by our PCH prize patrol! Then it’s PCHlotto’s turn. From June 6-11, the PCHlotto Multiplier event is back and once again, Mega Money is on the menu! When you play Lotto’s Mega Money Multiplier card, your money can multiply by 2X, 4X, 5X, even 10X! Depending on which multiplier you get, you can win up to $250,000.00! Now that’s mega awesome.

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 3

Week 3: Cash for School and PCH Pay Day…Again!

Moving on to week three: on Wednesday June 12, our $10,000.00 Cash For School Event begins, and you’ll probably get a few emails about it. It’s running from 6/12 – 6/15 and $10,000.00 Is Guaranteed to be Awarded on 6/20 by our PCH Prize Patrol, so make sure you’re in to win. You may also want to note that the Prize Access Event Unlocked award date is on the 13th.

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 4

Week 4: Two Award Dates!

On week four, we have two award dates – the PCHlotto Multiplier event award date is on the 18th and $10,000.00 Cash for School is on the 20th! Make sure you keep an eye out – you might have your very own winning moment!

PCH June Sweepstakes Calendar -Week 5

Week 5: It’s All About PCH Pay Day!

Some dates to jot down in week five: Thursday June 27, the PCH Pay Day Event Ends; and Sunday June 30, which you can’t see on this calendar, is the actual day – PCH Pay Day where $10,000 is Guaranteed to be awarded! Also noteworthy is PCHkeno. On the 28th starts our $100,000.00 Keno End of Contest Event. This is a big one – $100,000.00 is Guaranteed to be Awarded on 7/10!! Keep an eye out for Lotto and Keno emails with all the info!

Well, that’s it for Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes for June. There’s a lot going on, I know. Please make sure to let us know if you win anything!! Good luck to all, and I’ll see you in July!

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