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How Does the Prize Patrol Van Get From Place to Place?

I know a lot of you guys have so many questions you’d love to ask the Prize Patrol! I wish I had time right now to answer them all! But for now I have time for one answer. A major question we get asked all the time is: “How does the Prize Patrol van get from place to place?” Well, it’s not as simple of a question as you might think! You see, there isn’t ONE Prize Patrol van that travels from city to city, state to state. There are actually many, many Prize Patrol vans! Let me explain….

A lot of fans think that there is one designated van that we own, THE Prize Patrol van, that the Prize Patrol drives all across the country! But you see, that wouldn’t be very efficient now would it? What actually happens is that once we find out where our winner lives, Howie, Danielle and Dave fly to a main airport nearest the winner’s town. It’s almost ALWAYS a tight turnaround from the time we find out the winner to the time we need to jump on a plane and head there! We are in URGENT TRAVEL MODE as soon as the winner number generator tells us the random winning number! From there, they RENT, that’s right, RENT a minivan. But that’s not all! Once the mini van is rented, Howie attaches the famous Prize Patrol van sign to the outside of the car (using lots of tape)!!! Danielle once said that the van sign flew off as they were driving on the highway! If you’re wondering where they get the van sign, Howie and Dave each have one at their house, and so they usually roll it up and take it on the plane with them!

Once the van sign is on, the Prize Patrol packs the trunk with their luggage, grabs a coffee, puts the winner’s address into the GPS and heads out to award MILLIONS! Its truly an exciting adventure they partake in. No one award or adventure is the same! It’s pretty awesome that Howie, Dave and Danielle get to travel the country and give away money to people from all walks of life! And guess what? YOU could be the next winner they travel to see! So get those entries in today and every day, and who knows…the Prize Patrol could be renting a van near you!

Best of luck,
Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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