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Where Could The Prize Patrol Van Stop For Lunch In Your Town?

Hello my favorite PCH people! In true PCH fashion, we are gearing up to award one lucky winner with $5,000 A Week For Life on August 30th! I love when we start to get close to award day because everyone at PCH gets SO excited and giddy about the approaching surprise giveaway!

Howie, Dave and Danielle absolutely LOVE going to the winner‘s home and making their dreams come true, but you know what they also love? Getting to visit so many unique towns and cities around the country that they otherwise wouldn’t have! There’s usually a lot of history and stuff to do in the towns they visit, and they try to make it a point to see the sights while they are in town.

One thing that never fails is their eagerness to visit great restaurants in the area! Howie, Dave and Danielle are BIG foodies, so they are always looking for new places to fill their bellies!

I’m so curious….if the Prize Patrol was to be in YOUR town on August 30th, possibly surprising YOU with $5,000 A Week For Life, where could the Prize Patrol van stop for lunch in your town? Do you have any local favorites that would blow the socks off of the Prize Patrol? If the Prize Patrol was in MY town, I would tell them to come to All American (a fantastic landmark burger joint that is a MUST).

WE CAN’T WAIT for August 30th and I know you can’t wait either! Stay tuned as we get closer to the award day, and remember to comment below with where the Prize Patrol van should stop for lunch in your town!

Best of luck y’all

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. I’m South Carolina the beacon in S$$$$$$$$$$ is sooo good stop for lunch! ❤️😀 I claim ownership of $5,000 a week and a double up $10,000 a week and all the prizes that come with this. I claim ownership to win I claim 19500 number I’m in it to win it still keeping the faith!