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Do you love scratch games? Just about every PCH fan does. Our scratch cards are extremely popular and there are so many to choose from! Bright, colorful, bursting with excitement, PCH scratch games are a great way to have fun AND score tokens. In fact, did you know you can score up to 50,000 tokens with Danielle’s token surprise? Well, have no fear! Your faithful PCH blogger is here, and I’m going to tell you all about it!

$1,000.00 Scratch Card Games
$1,000.00 Scratch Card Games

Danielle’s token surprise is an instant token game that you can unlock after playing five scratch games on our Scratch Offs page. This page is filled with different varieties of really cool scratch cards. There are $1,000.00 scratch cards like Dublin Dollars, Winds of Wealth and Fortune Forecast, and there are also $2,500.00 scratch cards like Man-Cave Money, Kitchen Cashout and Panoramic Payday. That’s just to name a few. No matter which scratch game you choose, you could win big prizes instantly!

$2,500.00 Scratch Card Games
$2,500.00 Scratch Card Games

Once you play any five scratch games in a row, you’ll unlock Danielle’s token surprise game. It’s there that you can score up to 50,000 tokens! Leave it to Danielle to deliver the big stuff. Have any of you played Danielle’s token surprise? Did you score 50,000 tokens? If not, how many tokens did you score? I’d love to hear everyone’s different stories, so be sure to comment

Once you have some tokens socked away, you’ll want to head over to the PCHrewards Token Exchange and redeem those babies for shots at cool prizes. Gift cards, travel destinations, appliances, even a new car are all ready to be won. Even better, a daily winner is guaranteed! Have any of you won anything from the Token Exchange? Have your eye on anything special? Please share your experience in the comments below. I’d also love to hear how many tokens you currently have stored up!

Well, that about sums up how you can score up to 50,000 tokens with Danielle’s token surprise. If you weren’t already aware, I hope it’s now clear. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to go for it in the comments section. I love hearing from everyone. Now head over to our Scratch Offs page, check out the scratch games and play some scratch cards!

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  1. I’ve been an avid fan of PCH for sometime, love the games, play the search, and I know everybody wants to win but it would be fun to just win something anything. Sometimes I suffer from anxiety and this helps with that so I’ll keep playing regardless. I’m just putting it out there, all the best Mark.

  2. I, Raymon M$$$$$, claim My Entries To Win PCHSearch&Win 35,000 Tokens.
    # 5 Search Engine.
    I’m in it to win it.

  3. PCH SEARCH.COM – I, Reggie R$$$, Am Claiming The 50,000 Tokens!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU FROM REGGIE R$$$ FROM G$$$$$$$ IOWA!!

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