What Would You Do With Your SuperPrize Winnings: SPEND IT or SAVE IT?

Winning a SuperPrize has always been your dream. As a dedicated PCH fan, you enter every day, play games as often as possible, and have even tried PCHlotto and PCHkeno looking for big cash prizes. It’s so easy – and PCH is always FREE to enter and FREE to WIN!

You’ve probably even envisioned it: you open your door on an ordinary Tuesday, only to find the Prize Patrol standing there with the BIG CHECK, ready to declare you the SuperPrize winner!

What would you do if your SuperPrize dreams FINALLY CAME TRUE? Would you even know where to begin spending – or saving – $2,500 A Week For Life? If it was me (and since I work here, it can’t be me…but hey, I can dream too!), I would spend it AND save it!

Here are my TOP FIVE “Spend It” or “Save It” choices:

  1. SPEND IT on travel: I’d visit all of the National Parks in the U.S.A., tour every single state, and then head to Europe, Asia, Australia…wherever my curiosity takes me.
  2. SAVE IT for a rainy day: the bills will keep coming … better keep some aside for emergencies.
  3. SPEND IT on Family: I’d take my immediate and large extended family on a trip to Disney World and buy us all matching shirts emblazoned with: “WE WON THE PCH SUPERPRIZE!”
  4. SAVE IT for my children: knowing that my kids wouldn’t have to struggle with bills and debt would make me so happy.
  5. SPEND IT on…ANYTHING I LIKE! Elderly couple next door needs food and medicine? DONE! Church roof leaking? NOT ANYMORE! Animal Shelter needs kibble? FEED THE DOGS ON ME! You get the picture.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your SPEND IT or SAVE IT dream? Please leave your comments below – we want to hear about it!

But don’t just dream about it – GET IN IT TO WIN IT! ENTER NOW !

Maria S.
PCH Creative

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