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Watch Steve Harvey with the Prize Patrol in New Commercials!

He’s BACK! TV’s Steve Harvey is with the Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House in a brand-new series of commercials! Of course, the BIG news is that we’re prepared to give away $2,500 A Week For LIFE, but it just seems extra special coming from Steve Harvey!

“You’ve got to be ‘In It To Win It,’ and here’s proof!”

I love Steve’s enthusiasm for the message we always tell people – getting those entries in and being “in it to win it” is the type of attitude we’re always trying to convey here at Publishers Clearing House.

You know what my favorite shot is in this commercial? I LOVE Steve Harvey with the Prize Patrol looking through the “smart doorbell cam”! It really makes you feel like he could be coming to your door.

If you have one of those smart doorbell cameras, you know what it’s like getting a notification on your smartphone with a picture of who just rang the bell. Can you imagine being out at the grocery store and seeing Steve Harvey with the Prize Patrol standing at the front door? Nothing would make you run home faster than that!

In this one, I love how the winner’s daughter immediately recognizes Steve Harvey when he’s at the door. I guess we made a great choice in our new friendly face to help us promote this latest sweepstakes! People all over the country know and love Steve Harvey, and teaming him up with the Prize Patrol is like a match made in heaven!

This one really drives home the urgency of getting that entry in, and what a good reminder it is from Steve Harvey and the Prize Patrol. There’s no way our winners would ever know in in advance which one of their entries was “the one,” so don’t ever miss an opportunity to get that entry in!

And don’t forget what Steve says here too – our next big prize is going to be awarded December 30th! It’s that holiday time of year, also right before New Year’s Eve… a great way to end 2019 and start 2020!

So what do you think, do you love these new commercials with Steve Harvey and the Prize Patrol? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt “The Stats Man” for PCH

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