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All about the game Minute Mania: 60 Second Word Finder!

The clock is ticking, so how much word search fun can you fit into just 60 seconds? You can FIND the answer in our Minute Mania game, 60 Second Word Finder!

So, EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it! Publishers Clearing House has put forth an exciting way to play that’s worthy of Front Page news! It’s fun! It’s free! It’s a jumble of A-B-Cs that’s sure to make you smile.

Getting a chance to write a blog about fun games like this is a real treat, because that means I get to play a game while on the job! But as “Matt the Stats Man,” I’m always getting the hard jobs! Ha-ha!

I did a quick overview of the game, and I love it! I took some notes and read through the “how-to’s” and wrote up this description for you:

Minute Mania: 60 Second Word Finder is deceptively simple: somewhere in the grid of letters are hidden short words. When you identify a word, quickly drag with your mouse or finger, starting with the first letter and ending on your last letter.

To make it easier, the letters can be arranged in any direction – up or down, diagonal, and forward or backward. Just make sure that the letters don’t overlap!

You have to be quick though – don’t forget that it’s one of our “Minute Mania” games, so you only have 60 seconds. You might think that’s plenty of time, but it goes by surprisingly quickly!

And, of course, the longer the word you create, the more points you get!

I played it a few times this morning, and the highest I was able to get on Minute Mania: 60 Second Word Finder was 2300 points. But let me tell you, my first score was even worse! It’s a truly addictive game, that will make you want to try again and again.

Give the game a go and let me know what you think in the comments below. Can you beat my score? One of my other favorite things is that the game has a fun “newspaper” theme, which makes sense because it really makes you want to “report on” this fun game to your family and friends!

Matt “The Stats Man” for Publishers Clearing House

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