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Pumpkin-Filled Recipes for November

IT’S PUMPKIN SEASON! Why not start thinking about some pumpkin-filled Thanksgiving desserts?

Halloween is over. There are decorations everywhere that no one wants to take down. Thanksgiving is around the corner. You may be wondering whether to invite everyone over to your house, but that’s a lot of work. Or you might be considering going to a relative’s house, but that sounds like work too! And we can’t forget that Christmas is in December, which means we need to do all of this again – with the addition of gifts for everyone on your list.

Wow! I know, there’s a lot to think about at this time of year and it can be very stressful. I am right there with you and I have the remedy – GOOD FOOD!

A tasty treat a day keeps the doctor away…or something like that!

Do you have extra pumpkins from Halloween activities laying around? If not, pumpkins are extremely cheap right now since Halloween is over so we should make the very best out of it! Hey, you might even find a great pumpkin dessert recipe to take to Thanksgiving dinner (one less thing to stress about). So, let’s get started!

Now, there’s only one good place to start and it’s at PCHSearch&Win. Not only because it’s where we can find delicious recipes, but as the name says – when you search, you can win! Yes, be sure to log-in for a chance to win every time you search!

I found an amazing Pumpkin Gingerbread recipe that will make use of either your leftover pumpkins or store-bought pumpkin puree. This dessert will also be the talk of the party at Thanksgiving dinner! Advice: brown sugar or white sugar, it’s up to you! If you want to make things a little bit sweeter, I also found a great Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Gingerbread recipe, the perfect mix of spice and sweet!

Who does not love a good Pumpkin Pie? It’s one of those desserts that you’re sure will be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can go buy one at the store, or you can make one yourself and have guilt-free bragging rights! Sure, it takes some time but it’s so worth it! Check out PCHSearch&Win and find the recipe that works best for you!

We cannot forget pumpkin inspired drinks. People constantly boast about pumpkin-spiced lattes in the fall so I thought I’d research some other great pumpkin drinks. Wow! There are so many! You might search for kid-friendly drinks like Pumpkin Spice Smoothie and Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate but there are also drinks for the adults to spice things up at the Thanksgiving table.

Check them all out at PCHSearch&Win and let me know if you find a recipe that you love!

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Tamara G.
PCH Creative Intern

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