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Can You Match These PCH Winners With What They Spent Their Money On?

Shall We Play A Game?

What would you do if you won a big SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House? There’s lots of different options, and our PCH winners have made lots of different choices. Do you remember them all?

Let’s test your PCH knowledge with a game! Can you match the winner with how they spent their money?

Let’s start with a picture of four of my favorite PCH winners! Just like the one from a few weeks ago, where my colleague Mary Beth asked you to try to identify winner quotes with the pictures, this one will be matching too!

So here’s the picture:

Just a quick recap on these awesome winners. A and B are two 2019 winners, Crystal Crawford and Mike Flaherty. They both spent their money in interesting ways, do you remember what they were? Then we have C, Penny Pompa, a winner with one of our most memorable reactions! And of course there’s D, Eva Heatley!

Now your task is to match those letters to the following numbers!

1) A Motor Boat!
2) A Brand-New Truck!
3) A Classic Jeep!
4) A Lavish Vacation!

Do you need some hints? Here’s some of the interviews I did with them below!

Are you going to use the hints? Or just make your guesses? Let me know in the comments below!

Matt “The Stat Man” Kelly for PCH

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