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Watch Our Video Interview with $1 Million PCH Winner George Snyder!

Guys, I’m so excited to share today’s blog with you! I’ve been traveling to visit our PCH winners for years now, but this is the first time I’ve gotten the opportunity to chat with one of our big winners one-on-one via Internet video chat!

“If you don’t enter, you don’t win! So what does it hurt to enter, push a button and take a chance. It could happen! And oh my…it’ll change your life if it does.”

That’s just one of many amazing quotes from my video interview the other day with PCH winner George Snyder. He was such a pleasure to speak with, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy my video interview with him.

Wasn’t that great? Honestly, I barely had to ask him any questions, George was ready to share his experience right away!

George told me he had some vacation ideas planned for later this month. If you were to win $1 Million from PCH, would you get away as soon as you could? Or would you be the kind of PCH winner who would save every last penny for a rainy day?

I’d love it if you told me in the comments below! Also, do you want to see more quick video interviews like this? Any other recent winners you want us to chat with? Let us know in the comments about that as well!

Stay in it to win it!

Matt “The Stat Man” for PCH

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