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Top 5 PCH Prize Patrol Winning Moments

Since 1988, the Prize Patrol has awarded more than 2,000 prizes. They’ve all been great, but there are certain reactions that just stick out in our memory. Crying, laughing, smiling, screaming – all wonderful things we’ve seen as the Prize Patrol has awarded prizes to winners in every state. As we start a new year of prize delivery, let’s take a look back at some of the best PCH Winning Moments.

5. Mary F., Alaska, 1994, $10,000.00

We mean it when we say PCH winners live in every state. Alaska is the “last frontier” but it was the first time the Prize Patrol used sled dogs to deliver the big check! Back in 1994, Mary F. was amazed that Todd and Dave made it to remote Soldotna, AK to deliver her $10,000.00 prize.

4. Crystal C., New York, 2019, $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”

We’re awarding $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” on February 28. So it’s nice to revisit our most recent “Forever” prize winner – Crystal C.! Crystal’s son JaQuawn told us to find her at her job at a child care center in Queens, NY. She was so happy when the Prize Patrol surprised her at work! Check out the video!

A dedicated PCH fan, Crystal was entering PCH contests on her phone moments before she won. Talk about a true Winning Moment!

3. Thelma S., New Hampshire, 1988, $10,000.00

It was one of the Prize Patrol’s first-ever visits, but we still fondly look back at this PCH Winning Moment. Back in 1988, the Prize Patrol was in New Hampshire to deliver a big check to Thelma S. When Dave told Thelma about her $10,000.00 win, her knees nearly gave out and she fell to the ground in shock. But Thelma was all smiles as she stood up and got her big prize.

2. Grace W., Michigan, 1991, $25,000.00/New Nissan 300ZX

Grace W.’s reaction when she found out she had her choice of $25,000.00 or a brand new Nissan 300ZX must be seen to be fully understood. It was a PCH Winning Moment for the ages. She had a classic PCH winner reaction – shock, disbelief and then unbridled joy. Laughing and crying. And a lot of screaming. Dave said Grace was easily the loudest PCH prizewinner he had ever met. You might want to turn down the volume before watching this one!

1. Penny P., Connecticut, 2014, $1,000,000.00

It was raining, but for Penny P., the sun finally came out. Her $1,000.000.00 prize came when she was suffering from Lyme disease and had to quit her job because she was always sick. Penny was about to lose her house, but everything changed when the Prize Patrol came to her front door. Winning the $1,000,000.00 prize was, in Penny’s words, “truly a miracle.”

Want a winning moment of your own? Enter now and you could be on a list like this! We love watching winner reactions, and we’d love to see yours!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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