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5 More Best PCH Prize Patrol Winning Moments

Hi PCH fans!

Winning moments are great. We love seeing PCH winners react with joy, shock, and surprise when they get their big checks. I wrote about the best winning moments before, but there’s so many that weren’t included on the first list. So let’s celebrate five more!

5. Juanita G., Texas, 2017, $10,000.00

You hear Juanita G. before you see her. But she didn’t see the Prize Patrol van as they came up her long driveway, which makes for a great PCH winning moment. Juanita screamed a lot – you can really feel her excitement for winning $10,000.00! And the way she jumps up and down in joy is just endearing.

4. Tamar H., Alabama, 2015, $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”

Tamar H. made winning $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” a family affair. After the Prize Patrol came to her door with the big check, she had the PCH van pick up her three daughters from school so she could surprise them with the SuperPrize!

Speaking of the SuperPrize, we’re awarding $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” on Feb. 28. For this prize, the winner will receive $5,000.00 a week for the rest of their life. After that, payments of $5,000.00 a week will continue for the lifetime of a beneficiary that the winner chooses.

3. Doris G., New Jersey, 2009, $5,000.00 A Week For Life

SuperPrize + big crowd = unforgettable win. That was the winning equation for Doris G., a math teacher. PCH found Doris at her school, where she had worked for 38 years. With the principal’s help, the Prize Patrol surprised Doris in the cafeteria – where a big group of her students and fellow teachers were waiting. Hearing all of them clap and cheer for Doris makes it a must-see winning moment.

Plus, Doris was the first SuperPrize winner to have entered on An important winner milestone!

2. Elise G., 2013, Louisiana, $1,000,000.00

Sometimes the SuperPrize shows up at just the right time. That certainly was the case for Elise G. She won $1,000,000.00 six months after Hurricane Isaac flooded her house. Her family was just moving back in when the Prize Patrol came to her door. Elise rejoiced with a celebratory sip of bubbly. “I never drink champagne,” she said. “But let’s have a drink.” Cheers to you Elise!

1. Lula L., 2014, Tennessee, $10,000.00

Lula L. had a Halloween she’ll never forget. Because it wasn’t trick-or-treaters at her door – it was Dave with a $10,000.00 check! Lula and her daughter Yolanda screamed with delight when they realized they won. They’re huge PCH fans and enter every day. Just watch the video to see their joy.

Which winning moment is your favorite? Would you rather be the one receiving a big check? Enter to win and you could get on a list like this!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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