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Your Quizmania App Token Rewards Could Make You A WINNER!

Hey, Blog Readers,

Have you seen what’s been happening in PCH’s Quizmania App? People have been scoring Tokens like crazy! So, I sure hope you have been playing – and watching your Tokens add up – because there is no better time than right now to score and redeem Token Rewards to go for some really awesome PCH prizes!

Tell Me Below… What Do YOU Want To Win With Your Tokens?

It’s true, Quizmania is the place to play if you want to bank Tokens fast – and with so many quizzes on hot topics you’ll love, the fun never stops! Why, just for completing the Daily Challenge you can score 25,000 BONUS TOKENS on top of the already incredible Token Rewards you’ll get for every quiz! And those Bonus Tokens can get you in it to win it for lots of incredible prizes!

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Yes, once you have those Token Rewards from playing Quizmania, you’ll want to use them in the PCHrewards Token Exchange right away because the prizes you can win with your Tokens truly are amazing!

For example, today in the Token Exchange, you could take home an incredible Oculus Go Virtual Reality Set (A $199.00 Value) that can turn your smartphone into a doorway to adventure as you become part of OVER 1,000 Virtual Reality games, experiences and apps! Get in it to win it now for only 1,200 Tokens per entry!

Also up for grabs today is the $75.00 Grubhub Gift Card that could have you dining like royalty with the freedom to choose from THOUSANDS of restaurants! Get in to win it now for only 500 Tokens per entry!

Plus, the PCHrewards Token Exchange just announced the newest car giveaway that will soon make someone the winner of a 2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve (A $46,470.00 Value)! Sophisticated and sleek, this compact luxury SUV offers all-wheel drive, 2.0L Turbocharged I-4 Engine, and Revel® Audio System with 14 speakers! Isn’t that incredible?!? It only takes 5,000 Tokens to enter, so that means if you play today’s Quizmania Daily Challenge, you could claim 5 entries with your Tokens right away – and be cruising away in that beautiful new Lincoln in no time!

And here’s a Quizmania App insider scoop you don’t want to miss: coming up this month, you can look forward to some really awesome quiz topics in the 25,000 Token Daily Challenge – like “Bears” on March 8th (can you tell a Panda from a Koala?), “Makeup” on March 10th (this is trickier than it sounds!) and “Famous Animals” on March 12th (there are so many — who knew?!?). Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Yes, with topics like those you can really watch the Tokens add up! Plus, Quizmaniacs, don’t forget you’ll get an EXTRA 5,000 TOKENS when you answer the Quiz Of The Day – which is always changing and is always super fun – so make sure you don’t miss it!

There are so many prizes you could win with your Tokens, and Quizmania is giving away SO MANY all day long, so don’t wait, start playing now! And let me know below what prizes you want to win the most!

Good Luck & Happy Playing!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Remember, PCH Quizmania is only available on iOS (for now) so if you can’t download it yet, make sure you check out PCHquizzes to score lots of Tokens you can use to go for all the prizes mentioned above!

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