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Win $10,000.00 for Retirement Savings

Hello again!

Do you ever dream of the day when you can really, truly retire? I know I do. If you’re like me, maybe you hope to travel the world, volunteer your time to a cause that you deeply care about, or just stay home and watch your (future, in my case) grandkids.

But when the dreaming is done, do you ever sweat out the details? I heard a comedian once say that he won’t be able to retire until after his 100th birthday – because that’s how long he’ll have to wait until he has enough money saved up! I laughed and panicked, because he might as well be talking about me.

With everything from mortgage bills, electricity and heating, college tuition, medical bills, car payments, gas, clothing, and food prices rising, it’s harder than ever to build up your retirement savings. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a big old pile of cash all at once to put towards those dreams – like, say, $10,000.00?

YES, IT WOULD! But where can you find that kind of money? Here’s a hint: We’ve got a sweepstakes that’s ending IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS that’s geared specifically towards retirement savings!

Retirement Money Lets You Enjoy Life!

Enter to WIN PCH’s $10,000.00 For Retirement Sweepstakes from Giveaway 12655 by the 3/31/20 entry deadline. In fact, don’t wait – do it RIGHT NOW, and if you’re lucky enough to be the winner, you can start sweating less and dreaming more!

So, maybe instead of worrying about putting away a little extra money, you can start dreaming about how much you’ll enjoy all those things you look forward to doing in retirement.

Think about it: One day, you could relax and enjoy the great outdoors at home – or around the world!

Picnics at Home or Abroad

You could bake cookies with your grandkids or just spend the day working on a puzzle together….

Plan Now So You Can Play Later

Or, you could spend your time volunteering for a worthy cause – all day, every day, or whenever you want!

Get Involved and Help Others – Because You Can!

Enter to WIN PCH’s $10,000.00 For Retirement Sweepstakes [link: ] every day from now until the entry deadline of 3/31/20, and who knows? You could be the winner of some serious retirement money!

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It’s always fun, fast, and free to enter – so get in to WIN now!

Best of luck,

Maria S.

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  1. I tried to enter this Contest today, but I did not get Credit for it and another. I did
    NOT get my 160,000 Tokens entered. I enter every day.