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Win $100,000.00 In Dave’s 500th Delivery Event

After decades of delivering big checks to winners across the nation, Dave is making his 500th Prize Delivery on March 31! And to celebrate, he’s going to bring a special $100,000.00 prize to one lucky winner! That’s right, someone will win BIG money in Dave’s 500th Delivery Event! We don’t know whose door he’ll knock on next, but it’s going to be a winning moment they’ll never forget.

So, not only could you become a part of PCH history, you could also win big! As an original member of the PCH Prize Patrol, Dave has delivered a lot of prizes over the years, but this one is guaranteed to be very special. The prize up for grabs is pretty special too – $100,000.00 is a big chunk of change!

“Sometimes I think I’ve got to be the luckiest guy in the world — to have delivered millions worth of Big Checks to winners of our sweepstakes,” Dave says. “Sure, they are lucky — but I’m lucky too to have been blessed with such a privilege.”

This prize is up for grabs starting today! Enter now and Dave could hand you $100,000.00 on March 31! That’s right! It’s a major Prize Patrol milestone and you could become part of it!

“There are many doorbells I have not yet rung,” Dave says. “So keep entering because I’d love to ring yours.”

By the way, this prize is guaranteed to be awarded! Which means that Dave will definitely be presenting someone with $100,000.00 on March 31. But you have to be in it to win it, so enter now!

Dave says, “As I’ve said to all you wanna-be-winners for nearly 40 years, you absolutely positively cannot win unless you enter!”

You heard the man! Enter, enter, and enter, and you could be the lucky recipient of $100,000.00 from Dave’s 500th Delivery Event! The deadline is March 26 at 11:59 PM EST.

If you won, you and Dave could celebrate his 500th delivery together on March 31! Good luck!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. Sizzling! Amazing, oh dynamite! ? Bring on the ?? Balloons! ?? Im ready to win And is the way!
    I go way back so everyday I’m trying to WIN ?!