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Interview with our newest PCH “Forever” Prize Winner Marc F.!

The world has changed rapidly in the last 30 days, but perhaps no one has had as many unique changes as our PCH “Forever” Prize Winner, Marc F.! Not only has Marc had to make many of the same lifestyle changes we all have done lately (working from home and keeping social distances), but he also has to figure out what he’s going to do with $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”!

I spoke with Marc over the phone, and he was doing great! We both laughed when comparing notes about working from home, but eventually we circled back to the real reason I called: what was it like the day he became a PCH Prize Winner of $5,000.00 A Week “Forever”!

“I was at work, obviously. I got a call from Howie saying he had a delivery for me,” explained Marc.

Often when the Prize Patrol can’t find the winner at home, they’ll attempt a phone call saying they have a delivery that needs a signature. We’ll go to almost any lengths to make sure we find our winner!

But something tipped Marc off about the phone call from Howie – the area code! He had a feeling something was up, and sure enough, he saw the camera crews gathering outside of his workplace when Howie called to say his package had arrived.

Watch his winning moment right here to see what happened next!

Marc shared with us what happened after the Prize Patrol left:

“[When I went down to the lobby] there was one person in the office, everyone else was out for lunch. I put the Big Check and everything on the table near my desk and waited. Then I called my sister, and she said she had to call me back (she had no idea why I was calling), so I sent her a picture of everything as a message! Then I called the person who would be my accountant. My sister called back while I was on the phone with the accountant, and she was like, “you’re kidding!”

Marc’s team at his office finally came back, and it’s safe to they were flabbergasted. He said one coworker’s jaw nearly hit the floor! Afterwards everyone had the same thing to say: “I’m going to start entering!”

When I asked Marc if he thought he’d ever win, he said, “Let me say this. I grew up north of Chicago. I’m not a big sports follower, but I pay attention to the Cubs. Someone’s gotta win sometime…and it could be me!”

So far Marc hasn’t made any big decisions regarding his $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” prize, but he has daydreamed a little about a new car. He already has a sports coupe that’s “a fun car to drive,” but now he’s thinking about getting something little more traditional with an automatic transmission.

As we’re now in a unique situation in our country, I asked Marc if he had any words of wisdom to pass on to other people stuck at home with nothing to do.

“Keep entering! You never know!”

And there you have it! If you’re not entering, you’re not winning. Take Marc’s advice and keep entering… you never know when you might be selected to be a winner. And don’t worry, we’re selecting just as many winners as we always have!

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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  1. I am very happy for Marc. Since 2020, I have become more serious about being a winner. I became a LongHauler and that has dampened my workability.