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Free Sweepstakes to Enter? We’ve Got Them Right Here!

We know PCH fans like you LOVE finding free sweepstakes to enter. That’s why we have an exciting, maybe even life-changing selection of sweepstakes available that offer you a chance to WIN BIG! The more creative money-winning contests we present, the more times you can enter!

Take for instance our latest SuperPrize®, where you can become the PCH $7,000 A Week For Life winner on April 30th in this “special early look” event. That’s where we take an early look for a winner of an incredible lifetime prize, authorized for award in just weeks. Plus, if there’s no timely entry with the matching winning number, we’ll award a $1,000,000.00 prize to an alternate winner in a second chance drawing – so don’t miss out!

I mean, could you imagine getting a visit from the Prize Patrol, and getting handed a big check for seven thousand dollars … then getting another check for the same amount from Publishers Clearing House, every single week as long as you live?

Especially given what’s happening in the world today, this prize would bring welcome relief to anyone, and any family. But in order for your loved ones to experience having a PCH $7,000 A Week For Life winner in the family, you have to be in it to win!

But wait, there’s more… MUCH more, in fact! With so many free sweepstakes to enter every day at Publishers Clearing House, you’ll have a shot to win huge prizes you can use for a variety of reasons!

Enter today to win $1,250,000 towards your Ultimate Dream Home. Click through to get a shot at winning $10,000 in the Pay Off Your Debt Sweepstakes. Spin to win up to one million dollars in the colorful Red Hot Roulette Sweepstakes. Or score a much-needed $10,000 Cash For School in another one of our fabulous free sweepstakes to enter!

Don’t wait any longer, PCH fans! Visit today to enter any one of our exciting sweepstakes. They’re totally FREE to enter – and totally fun to WIN!

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PCH Creative

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