Bored at Home? Check Out Our History Quizzes!

Hi PCH fans,

Are you bored? I sure am.

In fact, one of my biggest challenges right now is boredom. There’s not a lot going on in the present. But there’s a lot happening in the past. Which is why PCH has history quizzes!

All you have to do is take history quizzes on the PCH website – and then you could win cash! Plus, you score tokens with every correct answer! It’s a pretty sweet deal and a great way to kill boredom.

It’s a great time to test your trivia knowledge. Answer history questions, earn tokens, and you could win cash! What’s not to like?

You get to learn fun facts about events from long ago while you’re sitting inside. Or outside, if you prefer to access PCH history quizzes on a phone or tablet. It’s kind of like taking a history test in school. But it’s way more fun because you score tokens. Plus, you could win cash!

From the Renaissance to ancient civilizations, there’s a lot of topics covered on PCH History Quizzes. So, don’t feel intimidated. You do not need to remember everything that has ever happened for the chance to win cash. Find a topic you’re familiar with and do your best to score tokens!

And if you prefer something more recent, there’s this quiz on objects from the 1970s. I’m sure many PCH fans remember these objects from way back when. Which means there’s a chance you could win cash!

Do you have a mind for history? Are you good at trivia games? Are you full of factoids? Put that knowledge to use right here with PCH history quizzes! You could win cash! Plus, score tokens with every correct answer.

So, stay safe, stay entertained and play fun history quizzes! Who knows, this could be the way you win fabulous cash prizes! Show off your smarts and good luck!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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  4. I have played the quizzes and sometimes run out of time at home to finish them and when you go back their gone. Sometimes you need to let them hang out a little longer. But they are fun to do. Thanks for having them. No not good with history but at least we try. Maybe learn something I have forgotten from school. My friends say it’s hard to teach their kids and grandkids.