Hear What The Prize Patrol Says About National Be A Millionaire Day!

Hello, Friends & Fans!

Did you know that today is National Be A Millionaire Day? You might as well call it “National PCH Day,” because we’ve had so many millionaires made by Publishers Clearing House over the years!

So, to commemorate this special day, the Prize Patrol has made this special video!

Isn’t that great?

I visited Uma for one of my Where Are They Now? video shoots, and it was great to see her enjoying herself with her family and friends. Now she can do a lot more of it! Watch the whole video below!

And then of course there’s Mike. He was the second person I ever traveled to interview, and it was incredible to hear how becoming a millionaire would change his life for the better. He truly deserved it! Watch my interview below!

So, what will you be doing to celebrate National Be A Millionaire Day? Treating yourself to something special? Entering PCH from every site you can? Tell us in the comments below!

-Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Wow it would be a pleasure in my Life just to live a wealth to feel good that I. can have what ever your heart desire! I would definitely hope someone is definitely in need of some little money to get them on their feet that will be a blessing for me to them because I was bless if they came to me why not share make my dream come true that’s all I ask

  2. I wish to see you pch I am your fan and I am ready for you to make me. A millionaire I hope my dear come true