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Calling All PCH Fans — Show Us Your Victory Dance!

Hello, everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! I know the PCH blog is an escape for many people to come and feel better so even if you’re feeling a little down today, hopefully I can cheer you up with this exciting blog post!

A few weeks ago, Danielle from the Prize Patrol asked all PCH fans on Facebook(link) to show off their victory dances if the Prize Patrol came knocking. The responses were just so great to read! When times are tough, PCH fans always uplift me with their positivity and warmth.

In case you missed Danielle’s message, I have it here for you!

The replies back were so nice! They ranged from descriptions of victory dances, to gif video clips of the victory dances themselves, to people saying they can’t dance but they’ll try!

Colleen K. says that she would jump for joy to win a prize from PCH!

Carolyn M. says that she would be screaming very loudly and that she never gave up believing!

Peter M. says that he would do a GIGANTIC victory dance and that he can’t wait to show his appreciation!

Darren F. says that he doesn’t dance that well but shared a hilarious gif of what his victory dance would look like!

Now how would you all celebrate? What does your victory dance look like? If you posted a gif video clip on Facebook already, which one was it? Is your victory dance all about cool excitement like this girl in her sunglasses?

Or does your victory dance include so much excitement that you can only clap your hands enthusiastically?

A popular victory dance response was this one of a dancing toddler — how cute!

If you didn’t know what your victory dance would look like before, I hope this gave you some ideas! Whether you’re a talented dancer and can pop and lock it like a pro or you’re shy in your skills and would prefer to just clap and smile, here at PCH we love them all!

So now I want to know, if you could describe your victory dance in three words, what would they be? Would you have an untamable victory dance and move your whole body making it exciting, passionate and happy? Or would your victory dance be tearful and shocked making it surprised, stunned and amazed? Whatever your victory dance looks like, I want to know all about it! This way, you’re also all prepared if the Prize Patrol comes to your door!

Good luck everyone entering at PCH! Remember to let me know all about your victory dances!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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