Another Edition of Howie’s To-Do List For New PCH Sweepstakes!

Hello, PCH Fans! It’s that time to get a weekly reminder of all of our latest and greatest new PCH Sweepstakes! Renowned Prize Patrol member Howie is here to help you as always! We all work so hard to keep you in the know regarding all of our sweepstakes, and there’s no better way to share these opportunities than with this awesome series! Here’s this week’s!

So just to recap, here’s what was in the video!

Enter the $5k AWFL SuperPrize – Only 4 Days Left To Enter for the life changing prize! We could be knocking on your door on 6/30!

Follow Us on Instagram for 5x Entries on June 24th – On Instagram we celebrate #WinningWednesay with by giving away extra entries or bonus tokens. On 6/24 we will be giving out 5x entries to the SuperPrize through the link in our bio and stories. Make sure you follow us for the opportunity!

Tune in on Facebook and YouTube – Our PCH Prize Patrol and Correspondents will have a special message during the last days to enter for the SuperPrize – so tune in to Facebook and YouTube daily to make sure you did not miss a thing!

We’ll see you soon for another edition of the to-do list. Until then…keep entering!

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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  1. June 28,2020
    I am ViP Elite Member and I am Claiming
    the Ownership of the ViP Elite reward tickets
    and Claiming All 5 buttons to Win #1 & # 2.
    $7,000.00 a Week For Life . gwy. 16000.
    # 3 & #4 $ 1,000,000.00 ViP Elite EXCLUSIVE
    GWY. 15000. $500,000.00 ViP Bonus GWY,#15000.
    I AM Claiming the Ownership of the over 70 event

  2. I like the way the Sweepstakes were played out before the change. I also miss the extra game every 5 games. That game could really rake in tokens at times. Also, it is frustrating when I miss a game because it pops back to the main page. Today I really had a hard time finding all of them.

  3. June 25, 2020
    $ 7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! gwy No. 16000.
    There Is absolutely nothing to think about and
    no excuses to be made . IT’s Free to enter to
    Win and there a Multiple ways to go about
    entering ! IT’s NOT TO LATE TO GET IN IT
    TO WIN IT ! NOW if you’re reading this and
    you haven’t entered yet. DON’T LET THAT

  4. Jun e 25, 2020
    THE Ownership of the $ 7,000.00 A Week For Life
    gwy. No . 16000 Prize Number . I’M Here TO WIN
    IT ALL .The $ 5,000.00 A Week For Life ……gwy. 16000
    6/30/2020 Prize Numbers , ALL on The Winner List

  5. June 25,2020
    Danielle, I really want to Search 5x But he got me Blocked
    and want do anything to let me Search . I wish you could fine
    away so I could Search the 5x see what happen . that all I can
    tell you . can’t do anything . want too can’t do it.

  6. Awesome….however wanted to let someone know you kind of ruined the sweepstakes entry area by taking away Danielle’s Token Surprised…we lose upwards of 100,000 tokens a day with the awful change!

  7. I don’t like the new sweepstakes home page. Not very user friendly. Why the change? Bring back the old format or one similar along with the token surprise.

  8. Hey Matt I. Hoping to see the prize patrol here in North Collins ny soon with the #BigCheck cause I’m always #InItToWinIt I could really use the money and my hole family could we come from a long line of hard working laborers in some form of construction or other and these last few years have been tough on all of us and this year especially now I have a 1 year old goen on 2 and acts like she’s 5 she’s my driving force that keeps me goen and she helps alot especially during treatments it’s been really hard to keep food on the table being sick and tryen to provide for a family let alone during a pandemic I was never given a free ride I’ve worked and been on my own sence I was 16 and always had to work for what I had i dt regret that tho it made me appreciate what I have and other people and what they go threw that’s why if I win I’m gana use this money to start a business and give the hard workers like me a leg up or that guy who made one mistake and it’s keeping him from getting ahead in life is really use it to change life’s and give people the chance they deserve and I’d give my daughter the life she deserves I don’t want her growing up like I did where my dad’s idea of fun was chopping wood all summer at 8 yes old and watching there friends play or babysitting the younger ones it’s hard in this world to be successful coming from nothing and I would trully make that money go a long way and really show people that there are good people and that everyone deserves a chance anyway just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity and tip my hat to pch for keeping this going when alot of others gave up that lil bit of hope has got me along way I appreciate it so this is me claiming all my entries all prizes and winnings and hoping your on your way with the prize folder I more than agree to everything I need to in order to win and hope to see u soon please pick me and anyone else who plays and can really use it and will help others with it thanks so much be safe see you soon claim ##Code::3sw233###prize alert winner I hope and remember we’re all #InItTogether help people smile lots and remember to tell people you love them good luck everyone