Another Edition of Howie’s To-Do List For New PCH Sweepstakes!

Hello, PCH Fans! It’s that time to get a weekly reminder of all of our latest and greatest new PCH Sweepstakes! Renowned Prize Patrol member Howie is here to help you as always! We all work so hard to keep you in the know regarding all of our sweepstakes, and there’s no better way to share these opportunities than with this awesome series! Here’s this week’s!

So just to recap, here’s what was in the video!

Enter the $5k AWFL SuperPrize – Only 4 Days Left To Enter for the life changing prize! We could be knocking on your door on 6/30!

Follow Us on Instagram for 5x Entries on June 24th – On Instagram we celebrate #WinningWednesay with by giving away extra entries or bonus tokens. On 6/24 we will be giving out 5x entries to the SuperPrize through the link in our bio and stories. Make sure you follow us for the opportunity!

Tune in on Facebook and YouTube – Our PCH Prize Patrol and Correspondents will have a special message during the last days to enter for the SuperPrize – so tune in to Facebook and YouTube daily to make sure you did not miss a thing!

We’ll see you soon for another edition of the to-do list. Until then…keep entering!

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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  2. June 28, 2020
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