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Meet Millionaire PCH Winner Loriane!

It was a beautiful late spring day in a Michigan suburb when the Prize Patrol arrived to turn Loriane’s life upside down by surprising her with news that she was a PCH Winner!

Here’s her winning moment!

“Loriane was so overcome with emotion that she had to sit down, while her children and grandchildren jumped for joy!” explained Prize Patroller Howie.

“The house was on a busy intersection and I couldn’t believe how many people were giving congratulatory exclamations and yelling how they ‘never thought it was real‘ from their cars out front car windows!”

I spoke with Loriane, and she said the same thing. She was overwhelmed at how many in her community had come out of their cars and homes when they saw that the Prize Patrol was at her doorstep. During times like these, it’s moments like PCH winner Loriane’s prize award that can bring people together!

Loriane described herself to me as a true Michigander, a professional who worked all her life. Now retired, she is close with her family, with whom she spends much of her time.

Perhaps most intriguing about her win, Loriane explains that she had only been entering PCH for about a year and half! Of course, she had known about Publishers Clearing House for a long time and she had always believed it was real. But her relatively short entry streak shows that beginners can win big from PCH too!

Loriane has big plans to finally get some traveling done, but only when the time is right. She’s not rushing to buy any plane tickets at the moment.

How about you? What would you consider spending your money on today if you were named a PCH winner? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. This is so beautiful. God bless PCH and all of their employees for continuing to be a blessing to others. You guys change people’s lives for the better. I absolutely love the love and thanksgiving! Congratulations to all winners big and small. Thank you PCH.

  2. I didn’t done just about everything to win something in PCH and I don’t know I’m pretty sure it’s not a scam but for some reason it’s not working for me 1974 2022 and my associates say why do you keep doing that they making you look stupid my cum bag you got to be in it to win it so I don’t know PCA tell me in the winter but it’s hard taking care of my dad he’s 93 and I have to stop I have no computer or laptop everything is done on my phoneAnd I’m about to get me a phone because this one is really burning out but it’s so expensive the four telephones so I have to continue to be entering in order to win and my dad takes a lot of my time which I don’t I don’t mind love you much well happy Sunday Audreys are in for the day PCH miracles can happen and I mean you never know