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Sweepstakes Alert — The Prize Funds Issuance Event Is Here!

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the second half of summer! Time really does fly these days! What’s your favorite summer activity? I live near the beach so my favorite thing to do over the summer is head down to the water and dive under the salty goodness. If not an ocean, then definitely a pool! Maybe you’re not a fan of oceans or pools but you love testing out the trails! Of course, hiking can be a year-round activity, but something about a sunrise or sunset hike sounds particularly appealing! All of these things sound so nice and fun to do with family and friends, but I have something that could make your summer even better!

And that something is the PCHsearch&win Prize Funds Issuance Event! This exciting event starts today, August 14th and will run until August 19th! That’s nearly a WHOLE week of time to get in to win our end-of-summer cash giveaway! With $15,000.00 IN PRIZES ready to be awarded, I encourage you to take every shot to win! Especially since you have this blog post right here serving as your personal reminder that this sweepstakes has officially started!

This amazing chance for summer cash will also have a top prize of $7,000.00! Can you imagine what that much cash could do for you? Even if you don’t live near an ocean, you could have the chance to visit any one you’d like! Have a hiking trail you want to try that’s halfway across the country? No problem, the PCHsearch&win Prize Funds Issuance Event could make that happen in a pinch! Think of it as a summer bonus for hardworking PCHers like you! And, since there are 151 total winners across the whole event, that means we’ll be giving away 151 prizes in this sweepstakes! That’s so many prizes — and one of them could be yours!

Now that you all know about this awesome sweepstakes, what are you waiting for? Get in to win at PCHsearch&win and then come back every day until the event is over to claim more shots to win! Wouldn’t it be a delight to be a PCH winner? Just imagine waking up one morning to the news — your wallet and bank account would be just as happy as you!

Good luck entering everyone!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I Raymon Claims My VIP Elite Membership Entries To Win PCHfrontpage $15,000.00 Prize Funds.
    Gwy. No. 21232.
    # 3 Search Engine.
    I’m in it to win it.

  2. I’m sure I won on two sweepstakes the one for 50,000,000. and I’m not sure how much I won on the 125,000.000. I cannot navigate the systems can anyone please help me?????

    Sincerely Margo