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Over 9,000 Winners And Counting In The PCH App!

Hello everyone! Want to hear about a great piece of technology? It’s this amazing thing called the PCH App! If you find yourself with some down time these days and want to play some games or access the PCHrewards Token Exchange, then the PCH App for iPhone or Android is great for that! I love that the App can also let users enter the PCH Sweepstakes and get DOUBLE sweepstakes entries EVERY DAY! It’s also cool that you can claim extra SuperPrize entries! In fact, you can get 10+ SuperPrize entries daily! Doesn’t this sound like something you want to check out? All of these cool perks are available only when you download the App!

Get Double Sweepstakes Entries!

The PCH App is also a great way to take PCH on the go with you wherever you are! Whether you’re stuck in line at the grocery store or you have an appointment at the doctor’s office and you’re waiting around FOREVER, the App can help alleviate that boredom! Even when you’re at home the PCH App is super helpful! Do you ever feel like your laptop or tablet is too far away, but you still want to play a game or enter a PCH Sweepstakes? Well, if your phone is in your pocket or nearby, then there’s your solution! With such amazing opportunities available in the PCH App, like 10X Token Rewards, the App sounds like the easy, portable option to get your PCH entering on! You could become a winner from your couch or bed — it’s that easy — and only in the App!

And, as I’m sure you’ve already seen everywhere, the PCH App has OVER 9,000 WINNERS AND COUNTING! That sure is a lot of winners — and it doesn’t stop there! With this many winners already selected from the App, we’re only going to keep selecting more! Want to hear more about the rewards available only in the App? Check out this blog post that talks all about the App treasure chest! Intrigued? Good! Grab your Apple or Android phone and start claiming those double PCH Sweepstakes entries today!

Have fun!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I pray one day that y’all would knock on my door. I’m in it to win it, I will be happy to see you in June. I’m ready Dave and Danielle, Howie, Todd, and Steve Harvey.

  2. #3#20943 PCH I’m happy for all winners so far they I like to be a lucky winner like the ones that are lucky all I see is $1,000,000.00 winners that i like to win in just weeks June 31/2023.