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Do you want to win CASH in a FLASH? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! It’s the PCH Prize Flash Event, and it’s only here for a limited time! And only on PCHSearch&Win!

From 9-23 – 9/27, you’ll have the opportunity to win a sweet $3,000.00 from PCHSearch&Win! Can you imagine searching the internet like you normally would and having THREE GRAND falling in your lap? Well, it could happen when you search on PCHSearch&Win during the PCH Prize Flash Event! If you won $3,000.00, what would you do with it? Save? Spend? Pay bills?

S&W Prize Flash Event - What would you do with $3,000.00?

Here Are Some Fun And Useful Things You Could Do With $3,000.00:

• Save it
• Pay bills
• Fix up your car
• Put it towards wedding expenses
• Put it towards college expenses
• Put it towards debt
• Spruce up your wardrobe
• Upgrade your kitchen appliances
• Buy a new mattress (my personal favorite)
• Go on a weekend getaway

You’d be surprised – three thousand dollars can go a long way! What would YOU do with it? Let’s see how creative we can get. Share your ideas in the comments. If you wind up winning a few days from now, you may need some suggestions! Are you in to win yet?

So, how do you enter? Very easy. Just do a search at PCHSearch&Win! It’s that simple. In fact, while you’re there, you may want to search for ways to either spend or invest $3,000.00. Why not? You may need this information!

$3,000.00 S&W Prize Flash Event – Just search at PCHSearch&Win

What do you guys think? Have you entered the PCH Prize Flash yet? Will you? You know, as a PCH employee, I’m not eligible to win PCH sweepstakes, but I still go to Search&Win every day. Let’s face it – it’s a great search engine, and I’m always searching for something. And you guys get the added benefit of tons of Cash Opportunities. S&W always has some cool sweeps event going on, so it’s a great idea to visit every day.

That’s about it, folks. Remember – the PCH Prize Flash Event is over in four days (9/27) – so make sure you’re in to win. It could mean $3,000.00 for you! Take care, everyone, and good luck!

Tina P.
Online Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our sweepstakes page. There are tons of fun and fantastic sweeps to enter every day – including the PCH SuperPrize!

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  1. #11000 DANIELLE it’s the PCH Search & Win prize flash event for $3,000,000.00 million. I could buy my dream home, pay bills, car, go on a short vacation, and have a little fun. It’s the PCH SuperPrize on April 30/2023.

  2. What a busy weekend. This goes out to the Prize Patrol – you take care of yourselves on the road, eat well and sleep enough. You all are so busy and we all care about you and look forward to meeting you. From Denver, your friend, Shaughn.

  3. PCH Prize Patrol,

    I need a lot of clothes hangers to purchase. If you include them on your order list for me, I will definitely order on my next SuperPrize entry and claim. Thanks so much,

    Wendie C$$$$$