Get Out of Debt! Last Day To Enter The $25,000.00 Debt Buster Sweepstakes!

Hey, PCH fans!

How are you feeling? The leaves are changing, and the days are getting shorter, but there’s one thing that doesn’t go away as easily – debt. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have debt.
But there’s a way out.

Today, October 16, is the last day to enter to win the $25,000.00 Debt Buster Sweepstakes! That’s right – enter by 12 AM EST tonight, and you could win a handy $25,000.00 to pay off your debts.

Is debt putting you down? There could be a way out! Enter the Debt Buster Sweepstakes! Get out of debt!

Sometimes things happen that we can’t control. But you can enter this sweepstakes! However, it’s the last day to enter! This could be the way you get out of debt!

Plus, it doesn’t have to be debt! This money could also be used for bills, savings, charity, a vacation – whatever you need!

Remember, you’ve got until midnight EST today (Oct. 16) to claim a free entry! $25,000.00 is no small change. Especially when it comes to helping you pay off your debt.

The Prize Patrol will award this prize on Oct. 22! So get ready, start entering, and you could get out of debt!

Even More Sweepstakes To Help You Get Out Of Debt

Plus, we’re getting closer to awarding another big prize – the PCH SuperPrize! Enter to win $1,000.00 A Day For Life and you could get out of debt!

We’re awarding this prize on Oct. 31 – which is Halloween! So don’t wait! Claim your entries for this Super Early Look Prize Event soon! There’s plenty of time get entries in before the Oct. 28 deadline.

Even if an entry with the matching number is not returned on time, $1,000,000.00 is guaranteed to be awarded to an alternate winner in a second chance drawing. So be sure to get your entries in, because someone will definitely win a big cash prize! And that could be the prize that gets you out of debt!

So how are you feeling, PCH fans! Are you excited for the $25,000.00 Debt Buster Sweepstakes? Did you claim entries for the $1,000.00 A Day For Life SuperPrize? Let us know in the comments!

Good luck and happy entering!

Rebecca M.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. I am in it to win it! I sure could use a Debt Buster!! I would love to be able to breath again. I need my own home. Living with my son is not so good. I get so tired of being the maid, the cook, the yard work, and everything else I do, plus I pay him rent. I also have an illness that has no cure.

  2. Hello Rebecca, magical energy of excitement runs through my whole body when I play PCH!!!! And the amazing feeling that I could become the next PCH big Super Prize winner. I am in it to win it! I am dedicated. I am grateful for my family, work, universe and PCH. I live and breathe PCH brightens my day and lights up my nights. PS, I will be dressed as a PCH happy dancing fan on Halloween October 31st 2020.
    Patricia Loveless
    I Believe

    1. Hello Patricia, it sounds like you’re definitely “in it to win it” and that’s awesome to hear! Keep trying and don’t give up.

  3. Hey! I want to get $25,000.00 Debt Buster Sweepstakes and Win $1,000.00 A Day For Life Superprize! Please rip off my debts! Have a Faith! Hope it’s treat you right? Happy Halloween!

  4. OCT. 16, 2020
    Grand prize : $ 1,000 a day for life with a
    guaranteed of $ 1,000, 000.ARV: $ 1,000,000
    Minimum ) Giveaway No. 15000. Second –
    Chance Prize ( if the Winning Number is not
    returned ) : $ 25,000 a year for 29 years ,
    and a Final payment of $ 275,000 in the
    30th, year.

  5. Oct. 16,2020
    activate all of my Entries and Claims and
    Prize Numbers for the ACTION REQUIRED
    TO Win the 1,000.00 a Day For Life from
    GWY. No. 16021 on October 25, Plus
    $ 25,000.00 Bonus Cash and as Will the
    GWY. No. 13783 From PCH Sweepstakes ,

  6. A little playful ditty for the weekend…


    Beggars can’t be choosers
    Don’t be a sore loser

    While you’re trying to snag “IT,”
    Don’t run yourselves ragged

    Cuz it’s certainly no fun
    Being under the gun!