New Episode — Howie’s Weekly Monday To-Do List!

Hello, everyone! It’s a Monday which means we get to take a look at Howie’s weekly To-Do List! Every Monday, Prize Patrol member Howie updates PCHers with all of the exciting things happening at PCH. Sometimes, Howie talks about the new sweepstakes available or even new games to play. Either way, the To-Do List is a must watch for all and should definitely be a part of everyone’s Monday morning (or afternoon) routines! Let’s take a look at what Howie has to say:

Why, that was a lovely autumnal themed To-Do List! Welcome back to the rest of the blog post! If you want to double check and confirm what Howie said, I have my recap available right here, so just keep reading!

First up, there’s the $10,000.00 Autumn in America Sweepstakes! This is a GUARANTEED giveaway that could really help a lucky winner out this Autumn. With only days left to enter (the $10,000.00 Autumn in America sweepstakes comes to an end on October 22nd), get your entries in now while you can.

Next up is the exciting new Facebook game for October! If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, you’re going to want to play this Halloween candy catch for your shot to win a $1,000.00 prize that is guaranteed to be awarded!

And last but not least, there’s the $200,000.00 Dream RV giveaway! Could you imagine owning a luxury RV that’s complete with a kitchen, washer/dryer and so much more? You should definitely enter to win $200,000.00 for your Dream TV and then you could be taking the ultimate road trip this year!

Well, now that you know what’s on the Monday To-Do List, you can get started! Remember there’s the $10,000.00 Autumn in America Sweepstakes to enter, the $1,000.00 Candy Catch Facebook Game to play and the $200,000.00 for your Dream RV giveaway to get in to win! A lot of exciting things are happening here at PCH, so get cracking on Howie’s — and now your very own — To-Do List!

Good luck!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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