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The Countdown Has Begun to WIN $1,000.00 A Day For Life!

Hello PCHblog friends and fans! The countdown has BEGUN until our $1,000.00 A Day For Life special early look event comes to a close. Yes, that’s right: there’s a BIG LIFETIME PRIZE ready for award in JUST DAYS! But with time running out FAST, have you gotten in to WIN yet?

Can you imagine how incredible it would be to see $1,000 A Day For Life deposited in your bank account? Just think of all the ways your life would change if you had that kind of money to rely on…day after day…month after month…YEAR AFTER YEAR!

You’d be able to pay off all of your bills, buy a new house, get a new car, help your church, provide money to all the worthy charities you like to support, and more! Wouldn’t that be INCREDIBLE???

I bet you’re shaking your head YES right now – because, absolutely, it would be an incredible blessing to win a LIFECHANGING PRIZE!

The first check for $1,000.00 A Day For Life is Authorized for Delivery by the Prize Patrol on 10/31. We’re taking a special early look for a winner, and even if the winning matching number is not timely returned, we’ll pick an alternate winner in a random drawing to receive a millionaire-making base prize instead.

But you also know this fact: you have to GET IN IT TO WIN IT! So, with this kind of prize on the line – and the last day to enter coming up fast on 10/28 – why not take as many shots as you can to WIN, WIN, WIN?

Happily, there are so many great ways to take your shot to WIN at PCH!
• Head on over to PCH Sweepstakes
Play games as often as possible
• Take a fun quiz
• Get your news and entertainment info at PCHfrontpage
• Do all of your internet searches at PCHsearchandwin
• Get in to win millions and change your life at PCHlotto

It’s so easy – and PCH is always FREE to enter and FREE to WIN!

But time is winding down FAST, so don’t count yourself out! Get in every day and in as many ways as you can, and who knows? Maybe one day you’d live debt-free and enjoy life as one of our PCH Millionaires!

Good luck!

Maria S.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. Well I like playing PCH search & win games, I haven’t won yet. But the more I play the better I get. So I’m expecting to win soon, Thank You!

  2. There are things in life that inspire one’s soul and gives hope that is called faith in our higher power but, when one is rerouted to accommodate a selfish purpose, the spirit tends to die out. In faith you strive to move forward just as when I’m carried by my Heavenly Father. I can see and I can hear those closest to me that are already there waiting for me to arrive again but, what I’m worried about is to be sent back, instead of walked through the ARK OF LIFE.

  3. I want to win the $1,000.000.00 PCH sweepstakes. Enter me in it, I’m in it to win it PCH. This is my last year playing at the end of June due to my health reasons. I had so much fun with y’all though been playing for years, was so much fun but my health is my main focus now. It’s not good at all, I have all kinds of health problems PCH. Thank y’all.

  4. I’ve have been playing for so long and haven’t lost hope, just afraid that I miss my chances for my lock of understanding, but I’m still playing have had all kind of lost people in my life and I’ve been hospitalized so many times but still having lost my faith and still going. Love you guys and always send my blessings your way.

    1. Hello Connie, we really appreciate your dedication and loyalty. Keep trying for your chance to become a lucky winner by entering as often as you can. Commenting on the blog alone will not secure your entry. We offer multiple ways to enter each day into any number of exciting giveaways. To see them all, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!